Stephen Quartermain to replace Mal Walden

TEN confirms Stephen Quartermain as the permanent replacement to Mal Walden when he steps down in December.

Mal Walden Hands The Baton To Stephen QuartermainSteve “Quarters” Quartermain, who is currently presenting TEN News Melbourne 2 days a week, has been announced as the permanent replacement to veteran Mal Walden, when he exits on December 4th.

The appointment will see Quartermain join the likes of Peter Hitchener, Peter Mitchell and Ian Henderson as chief news presenters in Melbourne.

Walden is departing full-time television after more than 40 years. He is understood to be still considering less time-consuming TV projects for next year.

Handing on the baton, Walden said: “I could not endorse a more appropriate or more qualified colleague than Stephen to carry on the tradition of newsreader here at TEN.

“I have worked with Quarters for 25 years in the TEN Newsroom. We have both shared the same rights of passage through those years and the same passion for journalism. Now it’s time to hand over the baton as TEN News begins the next exciting phase of expansion.

“Stephen is as much a part of Melbourne as the AFL, so congratulations mate you will do us proud. I couldn’t be happier for you,” he said.

Quartermain said: “It’s very humbling to have the newsreader baton passed on to me. Mal is a legend of the Melbourne TV news business alongside names like Brian Naylor, Geoff Raymond and David Johnston.

“For 25 years we have been colleagues at TEN and have ridden a wild rollercoaster together! I have learnt a lot from Mal and admire the high standards he has set, his loyalty and his extraordinary longevity. He will be a hard act to follow.

“This is an exciting new phase of my career. I love the news business and hope to do the job proud,” he said.

TEN CEO Executive Officer, Hamish McLennan, said: “Everyone at Network TEN and all our viewers are sad to see Mal go.

“Mal is an institution, and no one can replace him. TEN News Melbourne’s success is a legacy he can be immensely proud of.

“Stephen is undoubtedly the right man to step into the job, and will deliver the credibility, integrity and class our viewers expect from TEN News,” he said.

TEN Head of News and Current Affairs, Anthony Flannery, said: “Mal is an undeniable legend of the business. Seeing him sign off for the last time will be a sad day.

“Mal is not just one of the best newsreaders to have graced our screens, he’s also a top bloke. We will make sure there’s a fitting farewell,” he said.

TEN’s Director of News Melbourne, Dermot O’Brien, added: “Stephen Quartermain is the ideal replacement for Mal Walden. Stephen is a highly credentialed television journalist and commentator, and after a long history on TEN News is a familiar face to our loyal viewers.

TEN News viewers have come to accept the very best with Mal Walden and his handing the baton to Stephen allows for a logical and seamless transition on the news desk,” he said.

TEN today announced Brad McEwan returning home to become TEN Melbourne Sports Presenter, replaced by Matt Burke in Sydney.

“Brad McEwan’s return to TEN News in Melbourne means he comes full-circle to where his television career began. His sports knowledge is second to none and our viewers will remember Brad with genuine fondness,” O’Brien said.

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  1. I think it was only Mal’s decision to retire.
    It is going to be a sad day on December 4 as Mal reads the news for the last time on Ten.

    Quartermain already does the news twice a week. I think he does an alright job, but why is Brad McEwen being enticed back to Ten Melbourne? Surely Rob Waters was the sports newsreader in waiting at Ten?

  2. In my opinion its strange putting a sports guy into the role of news anchor. But then again, they have to use who they have left seeing they boned the best person they had to take over the reigns. Mal should’ve retired last year to save Helen Kapalos from being cut. Just saying.

  3. I have admired the loyalty of both quarters and ten to work together over the last 25 years but quarters is no news anchor. He needs to become less robotic and show more of a human side. Do that quarters and you will connect with the audience and grow your career further.

  4. It’ll be a bummer when Mal goes on Dec 4th but Quarters has done a job replacing him.
    Odd they’ve bought back Brad McEwan.Surely Rob Waters was the obvious replacement as sports presenter.

  5. I love Mal. Wish him all the very best 🙂
    I’ve been a fan of Stephen’s for a long time
    (So I’m biased) 🙂
    But I think he will do an Excellent job!
    He does now, for 2 nights a week.
    Great news, Quarters!
    Good Luck!!!

  6. Another woeful decision by 10.Quartermaine is a very uninspiring news reader.He is a typical sports reader, and most who come from this background, can’t match the interviewing and reading skill of a news journalist.

  7. The problem is, as he comes from a sports news background he automatically appears to have no credibility when he does anything else.

    Yeah I know that it’s really just a talking head role and he’s fine at that. However the association of no credibility, of just reading is so much stronger. Than if they put someone you never knew of in that role.

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