Tough night for Aussie dramas

Ratings: First-run dramas on Nine & ABC have a hard night, as Seven takes glory. But The Bachelor couldn't lift TEN.

2013-09-16_0938Sunday proved to be a tough night for Australian drama.

First-run dramas on both Nine and ABC had their work cut out to beat Seven’s Sunday Night at 1.2m viewers.

Power Games: The Packer-Murdoch Story was 773,000 for Nine (down from 793,000 last week) while ABC’s Accidental Soldier telemovie was 667,000.

Sadly for TEN The Bachelor Australia also went backwards, at 576,000 it trailed last Sunday’s premiere of 669,000.

Seven network won the night with a share of 34.6%, Nine was 31.1%, ABC 16.6%, TEN 13.4% and SBS 4.35.

The X Factor (1.44m) was best for Seven then Sunday Night (1.2m), Seven News (1.19m), Bones (899,000) and Castle (678,000 / 389,000).

Thanks to its NRL lead-in, Nine News topped the night with 1.49m viewers. Next for Nine were 60 Minutes (1.24m), Australia’s Got Talent (1.17m), Power Games (773,000). CSI Miami was 348,000.

ABC News (838,000) led ABC1 followed by Supersized Earth (752,000), An Accidental Solider (667,000), Compass (390,000) and A Jubilee Tribute to the Queen by the Prince of Wales (256,000).

TEN struggled once more with The Bachelor Australia (576,000) as its best performer then Modern Family (458,000 / 378,000), TEN News (394,000), Ripper Street (336,000) and The Simpsons (322,000). The Graham Norton Show was an abysmal 188,000.

The Secrets of Nazca (264,000) was best on SBS ONE followed by World News Australia (216,000), The Observer Effect (97,000) and Demetri’s Castle (58,000).

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom on ABC2 was best on multichannels at 263,000.

Insiders: 157,000 / 98,000 / 54,000
The Bolt Report: 121,000 / 91,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 15 September 2013

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  1. I’m glad the ABC had a good drama and documentary on Sunday even if I can’t watch them. If it is permitted I have an idea for the former Stateline. I saw an and with clips on Thursday. Why not test to see if that works better before the News on Friday? I apologise again for the trouble I unintentionally caused.

    @ tvaddict

    I think that’s the problem they have with much of their shows i.e. Ten promoting them to death. Ironically I didn’t mind the promotion of Ripper St. But each to their own.

  2. @steviem what a ridiculous statement, first how can you say its crap when its currently not airing, & secondly, it was a ratings winner for 9 for over 20 years when it was airing between 1980 – 2001. Granted audiences tastes have changed over the years & the same format might not do as well now because people seem to prefer contestants playing for larger prize amounts with each question/game, eg Hot Seat & Deal Or No Deal.
    As for ratings, imho 10 have made their bed, i was interested in Ripper st until they kept promoting it to death then i thought stuff it, i can get it elsewhere. And by then the guy in the promo yelling ‘mmmuuurrrdddeerrr’ will be out of my head & will be interested in it again

  3. Please Dave. No more Nine mini-series about the Packers. We’re really over these stories with all the personal stuff much sanitised, the stuff which makes the story of the wealthy much more interesting. It is time for Nine to move on.

  4. Really enjoyed Power Games. I guess a mini series about paper wars wasn’t as interesting as cricket with a lot of viewers. I hope 9 continue with another Kerry Packer mini series but I doubt channel 9 will now. I’d like to see one on Kerry Packers reign at channel 9

  5. I wish Ten would realise that showing repeat after repeat of Modern Family is damaging that show’s brand in the long term.

    On that note, showing premiere eps of Modern Family in a couple weeks at 6:30pm is a disaster waiting to happen for Ten, especially with daylight savings kicking in soon!

  6. The Bachelor is DOA. It needs to move its timeslot – fast. Sunday Night was great last night, I enjoyed Ben Robert-Smith’s Vietnam war report, it was a real tear-jerker, as was the story about Linda Shum, the Australian woman running orphanages in China. It made me cry one minute, then beam ear-to-ear the next. Linda Shum should be in the running for Australian of the Year, what an absolutely outstanding person she is. Great story!

  7. hard to have any sympathy for ten re: The Bachelor, it could have had an easy ride in a later week slot against weak competition where ten are only airing repeats, but they took the risk of putting it up against strong competition on a Sunday.

  8. From the tiny bits I have seen of the Bachelor – It certainly seems better than crap like Marry My Boy and Beauty and the Geek.

    Enjoyed Power Games again last night…but had an average ending.

  9. Two more eps of Ripper Street to go. Hang in there Ten, the numbers cannot get any worse.

    The Bachelor has tough competition and I would be moving it to Wednesday nights. New fastracked Modern Family will not be able to compete against X Factor and AGT and will be wasted.

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