1. For me, the problem with RtR is that it was almost a carbon copy of last weeks episode, just swap out the contestants.
    Oh no! They’re unable to work out how to multiply their ingredients to make a large batch! All good in the end…phew.
    One of the contestants is unsure how to brand their products. Oh, wait, they’ve got it now. Phew.
    Etc etc.
    And the incessant Woolworths product placement and advertising was shameful.

  2. I really loved that opening line David. Plus the usual excellent round up. Interesting that Recipe to Riches didn’t provide a lead in to Under the Dome. It shows viewers can change the channel. Good news for Ten there for at least one show.

  3. Watched R2R (aka Ratings to Rags) last night for the 1st time :(( Such high expectations, oh well! Will be interesting to see what the Australian version of R2R is like, since the one on air with all the Pommy hosts is so predictable. Though i did like the way everything was in & out of focus…very youth orientated. 1st year Film & TV school grad like. Art!
    ps…..Maybe the TEN Network could take on the theme song from the english band to go with the english hosts, ‘Another one bites the dust’.

  4. Disappointed with Late Night Feast. I was execting an adult version of the daily shows, where the “conversations that can’t be shown at 7pm” would surface. It feels too unnatural in the current format where Big Brother throws the housemates a big party each weekend to elicit adult drama from the housemates. What about the adult content that’s surfaced across the rest of the week?

  5. A 30 minute local news bulletin at 6pm on Ten would at the very least get a consistent 500,000 viewers each night. That is much better than what The Simpsons could ever pull in.

    The 5pm news service is good, but if the rest of your lineup fails then it isn’t really worth it. Time to scrap it and move to 6pm.

  6. That’s not too bad for Under The Dome, the week before the timeslot change it did 841,000, so only 68,000 down on that and it had been tracking down on overnight ratings since it started.

    Be interesting to see how the timeshifted figures come out for the 9:40pm UTD show last week and also this week, going by those August 20th ones of 840,000 the timeshifted ones rose by 223,000 to 1,063,000, so maybe more people are delay watching.

  7. Nine has to be a little worried over the BB figures – the strongest eps of the cycle – eviction and noms, and in my op they were good eps, couldn’t raise 900,000 let alone the magic million. Last night’s was fascinating. There’s a real frisson this year in the mix.

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