X Factor on top, fast-tracking lifts TEN.

Ratings: Seven wins Sunday but Modern Family and Elementary bring some sunshine at last to TEN.

damxFast-tracking week is off to a good start with Modern Family and Elementary both lifting TEN and validating a decision to switch the former to a 7:30pm start.

On Nine Australia’s Got Talent is holding but 60 Minutes was down on its usual numbers and a movie at 9:15 had its work cut-out. ABC1 saw Serangoon Road drop, hopefully no further in coming weeks.

It was Seven that dominated the night thanks to another strong outing by The X Factor.

Seven Network share was 36.3% then Nine 25.5%, TEN 19.0%, ABC 14.5% and SBS 4.8%.

The X Factor (1.54m) topped the night for Seven then Sunday Night (1.39m), Seven News (1.24m), Bones (823,000) and Castle (517,000).

Nine News (1.16m) was best for Nine followed by Australia’s Got Talent (1.01m), 60 Minutes (878,000) and Movie: The Lincoln Lawyer (413,000).

New Modern Family (802,000 / 681,000) lifted TEN then new Elementary (736,000), TEN Eyewitness News (486,000), Great Bear Stakeout with Billy Connolly (417,000) and the movie Cowboys and Aliens (318,000).

ABC News (801,000) was best for ABC1 then Supersized Earth (719,000), Serangoon Road (507,000), Compass (379,000). Big Name No Blanket struggled on just 188,000.

On SBS ONE it was Lost Kingdoms of South America (303,000), World News Australia (243,000), Once Upon a Time in Cabramatta (125,000) and The Observer Effect (109,000).

ABC2’s Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom (250,000) led multichannels.

Insiders: 167,000 / 94,000 / 51,000
Bolt Report: 105,000 / 99,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 29 September 2013

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  1. Maybe instead of having to advertise Which Eps are new and which ones are Repeats…….. The Channels should just not play so many repeats.

    Just an idea 😉

    It makes me really mad when they advertise something as a double episode and the second one is repeat. it doesnt even make sense. grrr

  2. New episodes of Ten’s best shows helped them. But 13.4% still it isn’t great for the main channel, especially with ABC1 and Nine doing so badly.

    Next week they face the NRL grand final in the Northern states and the new season of Bones and Castle.

  3. @glenn – yes,but Big Bang new eps still get above a million, my point was more to how much 10 is toxic these days. Offspring only managed to rise above the doldrums by having saturated promos and life and death content.

  4. @daveinprogress 3.5 years ago, Two and a Half Men was rating 1.5 mill. Its now buried somewhere deep in 9’s schedule. Big Bang Theory was getting those numbers, it doesn’t get anything like that anymore. I think its just a change in how/what viewers are watching!

  5. Funny that the numbers dropped so much for the second episode of Modern Family. People mustn’t have realised that both eps were new.
    I don’t normally watch the show, so I can’t recognise repeats, I only knew from watching it and them referencing what had happened in the previous ep. Maybe Ten should have made it clearer.

  6. I’m dissapointed with Sunday Nights at the moment. 🙁
    There was litereally Nothing i wanted to watch on last night (Which doesnt happen often).
    All the choices are Singing shows, current affairs and Modern Family.

  7. @ David Knox: I notice some bias in favour of Network 10. Be careful you might appear balanced in your blog!
    Just in case my sarcasm was missing, love your work! Thanks again for keeping us all updated! Your professionalism is noticed by myself and I am sure many others!

  8. Ronnie, l think the period drama band wagon came out of the commissioning folk considering it different. But of course it all comes down to good story telling- which l think Is lacking across the board. Most of those in commissioning don’t have the in trenches experience where storytelling craft is honed. Commissioning is unfortunately all about deals being done and personality and little to do with discerning decision making about what will make great drama.

  9. Just 3 and a half years ago, Modern Family had more than one and a half million viewers, Granted it was new and had great word of mouth, it is amazing how 10’s numbers have plummetted on its previous strong performers.

  10. I went on (in my overly long post) to call out for a few more risks in contemporary drama. I think it’s worth discussing why the over-supply of period drama? I’m sure it’s got something to do with a combination of nostalgia for a less complicated time and the risk-aversion of everyone – however part of the ABC’s remit it to take a few risks. When they pay off – such as The Slap and Rake the general population feels the money has been well spent – but I agree with Victor – so much of the additional drama funds have been squandered. I’m also not advocating no period drama – it just has to have some contemporary relevance, have a story, and have something new to say. The ABC is in a new and dangerous environment now the Coalition is back, and they need to be spending their funds wisely.

  11. Ronnie, the ABC programmer is now heavily involved in commissioning and has to accept as much responsibility for a number of mediocre ABC dramas as the commissioning editor. But its the ABC. Nobody takes any responsibility for anything and nobody is accountable. It is only in the news area when the shit hits the fan that management is bashed with a wet lettuce. Sadly the ABC lobbied and got much more drama money about 5 years ago but has squandered a great deal of it. Mark Scott’s strength and background is in news and not in drama or documentary so no surprise Serangoon Road is the latest disappointment.

  12. I’m glad to see the audience has spoken regarding Serangoon Road, but why this series is on the ABC on Sunday night at all raises a few questions. Why did the ABC become involved in this series? Once it did become involved how could it have approved the first two scripts? They are beyond awful on every level. When delivered does the Head of Drama advise programming how bad it is? Why is it then scheduled on Sunday night when excellent, award winning, genre-pushing BBC dramas like The Hours, Broadchurch and Luther are being lazily thrown away in the Friday night crime slot that has a rusted on ABC audience in the least competitive slot of the week? It’s pretty clear the Australian market is now overly saturated with period drama, (and after that “relationship/family drama” ) – so it’s time the ABC in particular found the producers and writers to do some interesting and…

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