ABC News Breakfast is on the rise

Ratings: Forget about primetime battles, things are heating up in breakfast TV as ABC News Breakfast rates 137,000.

2013-10-17_1002Forget about the dull primetime battle last night where only the 6pm News topped the magic million and turn your attention to breakfast television where ABC News Breakfast is on the rise.

The show pulled 91,000 on ABC1 and another 46,000 on ABC News 24 -a combined average of 137,000. On Monday it was 113,000. Their best ever was 166,000 in April.

By comparison TEN’s former Breakfast show averaged around 50,000 on a good day and 30,000 on an average day. This makes the benchmark for the upcoming Wake Up high indeed -although notably it will air from 6:30-8:30 which will make direct comparisons tricky. It launches on the same day ABC News Breakfast celebrates its 5th birthday

Meanwhile Sunrise still won the slot with 345,000 while Today was 307,000.

Nine won with 29.4% then Seven 28.8%, ABC 19.1%, TEN 18.1% and SBS ONE 4.6%.

Nine News topped the night with 1.06m viewers for Nine then A Current Affair (916,000), Big Brother (853,000), Hostages (650,000), Hot Seat (565,000) and CSI (503.000 / 316,000).

Seven News (1.03m) led Seven then Today Tonight (904,000), Agents of SHIELD (889,000), Home and Away (851,000), SlideShow (729,000), Million Dollar Minute (478,000) and Highway Patrol (454,000). The Mole was 210,000.

Gruen Planet won its timeslot at 909,000 for ABC1. ABC News followed at 836,000 then 7:30 (777,000), Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery (726,000), Tractor Monkeys (580,000) and Would I Lie to You? (445,000).

The Bachelor was best for TEN at 614,000 followed by TEN Eyewitness News (611,000), The Project (548,000), and Wonderland (507,000). The Simpsons was 342,000 but the final This Week Live was just 234,000 which will make a renewal very challenging for TEN.

Monster Jellyfish (258,000) topped SBS ONE then 24 Hours in Emergency (195,000), World News Australia (169,000), Pagans and Pilgrims (59,000) and Prisoners of War (46,000).

Big Bang led multichannels with 349,000 / 347,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 16 October 2013

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  1. The news lite offerings and inane presenters on Sunrise and Today stand in stark contrast to the news coverage and presenters on ABC News Breakfast. A major strength is the ABC’s local and overseas correspondents whenever a big story breaks. The program probably is a bit too Melbourne centric though and I would like to see more content from Perth and Adelaide.

  2. @artevents – “bush-fires and global warming”
    Black Friday (VIC), 13-20 Jan 1939
    Strong winds, and low humidity triggered fires near Melbourne. 71 people were killed and 650 houses were destroyed.
    Black Tuesday (TAS), 7 Feb. 1967 Tasmanian fires killed 62 people and razed almost 1300 homes.
    Gippsland fires and Black Sunday (VIC), 1 February-10 March 1926 Black Sunday fires on 14 February killed 31 people in Warburton. Over the two-month period, a total of 60 people were killed.
    “Bushfires are part of the Australian landscape. They have been around for an estimated 60 million years and they are a regular cycle in our climate”.(Australian Geographic).
    Now, if Tony’s going to plant millions more trees to provide all of that extra fuel… As they say, “one man’s “garbage” is another man’s treasure”.

  3. I can’t believe your comments this morning going after the Greens representative about comments in regard to the bush-fires and global warming. Surely these most dramatic and terrifying events bring home the whole reason why we do need to keep the climate change debate and global warming issue right up on the agenda, politically, socially and environmentally. Who are these people on ABC TV who call themselves journalists that are going for such cheap mileage to seemingly protect the new ‘master’ Mr Abbott? If it was Julia, she would have been cut into ribbons! ABC Breakfast TV- pick up your game! I don’t watch the ABC to see and hear such garbage!

  4. Paul Kennedy knows his sport – unlike his commercial counterparts. He coaches a footy team for starters. Yeah yeah I know – Baretta was a water skier. But is “not falling over” really a sport?
    And I have always wondered how Ben Fordham is allowed to be an extreme right wing anti-Labor, Greens, Independent, manmade climate change, refugee, etc shock jock on Sydney radio and then front up and pretend to be an impartial “journalist” or autocue reader on 9?
    Anyway – the niche market that isn’t satisfied by current a.m. offerings is very very small. 10 may indeed fill that gap and find the numbers are similar to last year’s poor offering. And that will be a very big worry to the bean counters.
    My big question – why did they not cast their talent net a little wider? Same old same old plus a few hasbeens and neverwases.

  5. How is News Breakfast Melbourne-centric? It’s all done within a closed studio – even the weather lady doesn’t do live crosses that often. Compared to how the other morning shows basically slap you over the head with how Sydney-centric they are and use Melbourne as a token gesture, it’s refreshing to see a show that’s actually about news.

  6. Miriam on the weekend keeps the class of this show going. Always worth watching on Sat and Sun.

    Not sure about the earlier comment about Paul Kennedy. I think he is a talent that gets better as he evolves.

  7. ABC Breakfast, the best. No cash cows, X-Factor/AGT/etc. endless promos & commercials and inane waffle – and of course, is the most-watched breakfast program in total number of viewers everywhere, being staple morning FTA TV across the Pacific.

  8. It is a good solid breakfast news show. A little too Melbourne centric for my tastes, and their sports presenter grates on me, but it is still more watchable than the commercial TV offerings.

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