Airdate: Summer 360

2013-10-23_0034Tonight FOX Sports premieres multi-sports show Summer 360, hosted by Gerard Whateley and Robert ‘Crash’ Craddock.

They will be joined this week by  horse trainer Peter Moody and former cricketer Simon O’Donnell.

Following the success of the 360 programs for AFL and NRL on FOX Footy and FOX Sports respectively, Summer 360 debuts this Wednesday 23 October, hosted by award-winning sports journalist Gerard Whateley alongside Australia’s premier
cricket writer Robert ‘Crash’ Craddock.

The pair will be joined this week by Australia’s leading race horse trainer Peter Moody and horse racing expert and former Australian cricketer Simon O’Donnell to preview Saturday’s Cox Plate.

Over the coming months some of the biggest names will join the panel to cover the great stories in Australian sport – from the Spring Racing Carnival to Hyundai ALeague to all the build-up and news during the Ashes series; plus golf, motor sport and tennis in the lead up to the Australian Open.

The hosts will also keep their fingers on the pulse of our footy codes – bringing viewers all the news from the Rugby League World Cup, the Wallabies’ latest and AFL updates covered at length.

7:30pm Wednesday 23 October on FOX Sports 1.


  1. G’day Gerard and Crash
    (Couldn’t post the photos but I think you know what I mean..)

    How dumb are those who introduce new rules in Cricket?
    Especially the DRS .. Dastardly Rat Shit system!!

    I’m 62 and love cricket of all formats and tonight watching the SaFrican and Indian test on the PAY and the first wicket of SaFrica went as a catch accredited to the bowler Ishant Sharma ( Billy Birmingham would call him “Instant Karma” .. but I digress. But before Sharma could enjoy the Karma we had to wait for this insipid “No Ball TV Review” !!
    All of my cricket playing life, I have known that cricket is played on a large oval and communication is done by the use of hand signals. In fact I spent the first 32 years on our family sawmill where understanding hand signals was vital for production and safety until my dad lost two fingers .. then I was confused – again I digress sorry…

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