Airdate: The Art of Australia

1aaoABC screens a three-part documentary series on how art and artists have helped to shape Australia’s cultural and historical identity, presented by Edmund Capon, former Art Gallery of New South Wales.

The series weaves together the story of the Indigenous and European art traditions in Australia, from the colonial past to the modern day. Edmund Capon looks at the work of significant artists, both past and present, to reveal much about who Australians are and where they have come from.

The series, which is filmed around the country, explains how through colonisation, the gold rushes, industrialisation and two world wars, art helped shape Australia and continues to do so. It is a dramatic tale that shows how art helped to create a distinctive Australian identity.

Episode one, Strangers in a Strange Land (screening October 22) tells the story of how art helped European settlers come to terms with an unfamiliar land. In episode two, Coming of Age (screening October 29) Edmund explores how Australia identity evolved in the 20th century and how modern art down under struggled to emerge. In Beyond Australia, episode three (screening November 5), Edmund explores how, since the 1960s, Australia and its art went global.

8:30pm Tuesday, 22 October 2013 ABC1

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  1. Maev....Sydney

    I am not ‘arty’…just an ordinary Aussie…but this looks quite interesting…and if anyone can tell this story…so that I can relate…it is Edmund Capon.

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