Nine News Perth adds 4:30 local bulletin

2013-10-03_0052Nine News in Perth is stepping up news for the locals with a new afternoon bulletin to begin from Monday at 4:30pm, hosted by Lee Steele.

“The new hour-long, live bulletin will bring Perth viewers the latest local, breaking news quicker and faster,” said David Mott, Managing Director Channel Nine Perth.

“Perth is the fastest growing city in Australia and our new live one-hour 4:30pm bulletin will keep up with the increasing demand for local news as it happens.

“With the return of daylight savings on the east coast this news initiative will give Perth viewers access to the latest news live, rather than waiting for three hours.

“If it’s happening in Perth now, it’s happening on Nine News Perth, live at 4:30pm.”

“News has always been my passion,” says Lee Steele. “I’ve really enjoyed being on the road as a news reporter, and now I’m ready to bring Perth viewers live, breaking news every weekday at 4:30pm.”

Seven News has a locally produced half hour bulletin with Angela Tsun.

Daylight Savings commences on the East Coast this Sunday morning.


  1. For years ABC’s noon news had a WA version and an all-other-states-and-territories version. I’m not sure what they do now. I guess they just take ABC News 24.

  2. MHA, I’d say they’ve always had a very good excuse to ignore WA. These local “news” bulletins would cost way more compared to piping in Sydney stuff; Seven Perth copy WIN’s first attempt at this & the WA public thank them by watch Seven in droves; & Nine is bound by classification rules which means they can’t just beam out live bulletins across all time zones like News24 does.

    Hope you voted for daylight savings when you had the chance a couple of years ago?

  3. Channel 7 at 7PM goes live in to Perth on 7two. We get Sally Bowrey when East get Melissa Doyle at 7PM so why can’t GEM do something like that instead of delayed news.

  4. Good to see. When WIN was doing this, they only produced/were local from 4:30 to 5:00, going back to delay for the 2nd half hour from 5:00 to 5:30. Hopefully Nine will be local for the full hour, and eventually be live for the 11am News and the 3pm News Now programs over time whether they are produced by STW or TCN. Surely Nine will go live for the 7pm GEM News at 7pm? There is no excuse for 2 or 3 hour delayed news anymore, seeing as ABC News 24 beams live into WA all the time.

  5. @Bogues – DST does “commences on the East Coast this Sunday morning”. It commences on the East Coast in NSW & Vic. It changes in SA 30 minutes later, therefore it does commence on the East coast. Glad we cleared that up for the Queenslanders.

  6. Nine Perth did local news at 430 with Matt Tinney then Seven Perth followed then nine 430 news went because ratings. Now what makes this ratings better.

  7. Didn’t Nine axe Perth’s 430pm news recently?!!? So they keep changing their minds just because 7 news at 430pm has been rating better!

    What will they be showing between the 430pm News finishing at 530pm and the 6pm news??

  8. The last sentence is factually incorrect.

    Queensland is on the East Coast, but we don’t have day light savings. South Australia is not on the east coast, but they do.

  9. This great for WA. Should be more of it. Local news windows in “Today”?
    @BigVic – Oh we can only dream of the old days when Qld didn’t get its news from Sydney or Melbourne on a one-hr delay, pretending it’s live, with all those NSW political stories that no one north cares about. Seems ridiculous that “breaking news” is seen in WA 3 hrs after it was on ABC24.

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