Peter O’Brien joins The Killing Field

2013-10-31_0120Actor Peter O’Brien has joined 2014 Seven drama The Killing Field, starring Rebecca Gibney.

The thriller was announced last week at the Seven Upfronts, as Gibney’s character leads an investigation into a shocking crime in a country town.

The casting reunites the two former Flying Doctors actors, with O’Brien to play her police inspector and one-time lover.

Gibney told News Corp, “Obviously we have that chemistry, and it’s a tried and trusted chemistry but the great thing is people haven’t seen it for a long time. So it’s a fresh approach in some respects and a lot of people will be watching the show thinking ‘I haven’t seen these guys together; It’s lucky for us we do have a shorthand way of talking already because we know each other well.”

IF reports the concept and screenplay came from Sarah Smith (Wild Boys, Rescue: Special Opsand Michaeley O’Brien ( Serangoon Road, Underbelly, Rescue Special Ops, City Homicide, McLeod’s Daughters, Sea Patrol, Blue Heelers).

Samantha Lang (The Monkey’s MaskMy Place, Packed to the Rafters ) will direct.

Bill Hughes (Phoenix, Home and Away, All Saints, Winners & Losers, McLeod’s Daughters) and Smith are producing, with Gibney as co-producer and Seven’s head of drama Julie McGauran as executive producer.

Cast gathered for a script read yesterday, with shooting to begin in 2 weeks time.


  1. Is it Field or Fields? I’m seeing it reported both ways. I keep remembering The Killing Fields was a movie in the 80s about the mass murders by the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia.

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