Renewed: The Late Show with David Letterman

Late-night US host David Letterman has had his contract with CBS extended into 2015.

2013-10-07_1606More Dave is on the way….

Late-night US host David Letterman has had his contract with CBS extended, meaning The Late Show will stay into 2015.

“There is only one Dave, and we are extremely proud that he continues to call CBS home,” the company’s CEO, Leslie Moonves, said in a statement.

Even if Letterman, 66, were to retire today, he’d already hold the record for America’s longest-running late-night TV host, having surpassed even Johnny Carson. He began his hosting career in February 1982 at NBC before moving to CBS in 1993.

The decision also means Letterman will compete against Jimmy Fallon who succeeds Tonight show’s Jay Leno in February. He has already faced off against Jimmy Kimmel on ABC.

In the statement, Letterman quipped, “I needed a little more time to fully run the show into the ground.”

Letterman will be 68 at the end of this contract. Johnny Carson retired at 66.

Source: NY Times, Time

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  1. TV wouldn’t be the same with out Dave.

    Alec Baldwin’s Podcast had an interesting interview with Letterman for those that are interested in the guy.

    Replacing dave will be tough. I love Craig. So maybe. Conan is kind of a natural fit, but his brand may have been reduced too much. Also it’d be interesting to see how Conan’s ego would take it.

    I think a big factor is that they might not keep the Ed Sullivan theatre. I know they’ll want to. Especially as daves production company would hold onto the timeslot.

    The thing is, Fallon’s tonight show will be in New York I believe. Which means Kimmel guts a great choice of guests in LA. Which will be great for him. Letterman will have the status and first choice in New York of guests.

    Once Letterman retires, if they want to put Craig in. He would probably have less pulling power than Conan for guests in New York. So they…

  2. I wonder who would replace Dave when he does retire. I love Craig Ferguson’s show but I don’t don’t think his (bizarre) humour would work an hour earlier as American audiences are used to the classic ‘Tonight Show’ format in that time-slot, not puppets, Pantomime Horses, etc. Maybe Conan would get the gig… or Jay!

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