1. I have been watching The Great British Bakeoff & as usual is so much better than the Aussie version (which I enjoyed also).
    Might give Rebel a go when Jackie Weaver is in an ep.

  2. @Didda, it was actually the second episode. ABC in the US pulled the pilot because it got really negative reviews and aired the second instead as the premiere episode.

  3. Channel Nine, the alleged “home of laughter” (not). I’m thoroughly enjoying DWTS this year, there are some really good contestants this season, though I think the wrong one was sent home last night.

  4. Just saw Super Fun Night. You know what? I didn’t think it was that bad (you thought I was going to be really mean, didn’t you). It is miles better than Bogan Pride.

    At least SFN is actually trying to be funny, unlike so many Australian sitcoms that treat jokes like they are a disease to be avoided at all costs.

    Rebel’s problem is that she only knows four jokes: one line fat jokes, one line innuendos, falling over, and wardrobe malfunctions. These will get tired very quickly. Modern comedy tends to favour narrative complexity and character depth over one liners and slapstick.

    The format has potential. Every SFN they go off on a little adventure, so it’s not likely to run out of ideas soon. The sidekicks need work – at the moment they are just hangers-on. She can learn from Seinfeld and stand back and let others get the limelight on occastion. However, it’s early days. With…

  5. Was that really the first episode? It was confusing and seemed to reference a past episode. Didn’t really seem to set up why there was a Super Fun Night

  6. This comedy was far superior to the sexist and homophobic type of rubbish that is 2 Broke Girls and 2.5 Men and even BBT normally found on 9 so I welcomed Rebel’s sitcom.

  7. I watched Super Fun Night last night to see if it was any good. It was bad, very bad. I like Rebel Wilson but this was some of her worst work i think. Next week will be interesting to see how many people tune out.

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