TV Hits channel to join Foxtel

No TV1, but TV Hits launches on January 1st with classic titles such as NCIS, CSI, Friends and How I Met Your Mother.

2013-10-16_1720Foxtel viewers lamenting the exit of TV1 will be pleased to hear TV Hits is joining the Foxtel platform.

It launches on January 1st along with the previously-announced Syfy channel.

TV Hits will feature classic titles such as NCIS, the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation franchise, Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends and How I Met Your Mother (although Seinfeld doesn’t appear to get a mention).

NBCUniversal-owned Syfy channel will be available in High Definition early in 2014 with science fiction and fantasy programming.

In the US Syfy original programming has included Warehouse 13, Haven, Being Human, Defiance, Battlestar Galactica and Sharknado.

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  1. I hope they still do the Sunday morning 5 eps of Friends and now maybe also with HIMYM. Will they still have a similar format like TV1 with regards to the Comedy with Bite block every night, hope so.

  2. I just read on KnowFirst that it won’t be available in HD. What a joke! TV1 has deserved a HD feed for years and these days it is expected that new channels are given a HD feed yet Foxtel continue to show how cheap they are.

  3. Given HIMYM and Friends are on Foxtel channels (Arena and 111Hits respectively) it is safe to say Foxtel are going to own yet another channel, reducing competition. But I agree with other comments that this sounds just like 111 Hits so will 111 close?

  4. Won’t that represent some brand recognition issues with 111 Hits? Is TV Hits the name Foxtel gave it or is it a brand name carried over from a distributor channel? And I wonder what the revamped Universal channel will develop?

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