ABC2: 2014 highlights

News sketch shows, Bondi Hipsters and more from Lawrence Leung, Josh Thomas and Sabour Bradley on ABC2.

2013-11-27_2250On ABC2 in 2014 there’s new seasons coming from Lawrence Leung, Josh Thomas and Sabour Bradley.

The Bondi Hipsters make their TV series debut and there’s 2 new sketch series plus new doco / factuals.

SOUL MATES is the brain child of the Van Vuuren Bros and Nick Boshier, whose past projects – together and separately – include the beloved online successes Bondi Hipsters, Beached Az, Trent From Punchy and The Fully Sick Rapper. A toxic bromance, SOUL MATES follows the story of a couple of buddies, who are continually drawn together across the course of human history, and into the future. In the beginning of time these two mates are experiencing all of life’s firsts as a couple of cavemen. In 64BC they’re designing and installing booby traps in the tombs of Ancient Egypt. In 1979 they’re two Kiwis killing it, as Kiwi Assassins. By 2013 they’re a pair of fashion-obsessed Bondi Hipsters, and in the year 2145 they are tackling time travel conundrums, working nine to five in a time travel agency called Travel Time. Starring Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nick Boshier. Created, written, produced and directed by Connor Van Vuuren, Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nick Boshier. A Van Vuuren Bros / Ludo Production in association with ABC TV

A nationwide talent search by Highwire Films (Agony Uncles/Aunts, Lowdown) has secured a new generation of character comedy writer-performers, brought together in THIS IS LITTLETON. Set in and around thriving Littleton City Council, thrillas its staff and ratepayers navigate busking licence auditions, animal control officers convinced they are in the mob and Mayors with Game of Thrones-esque delusions of grandeur; while its municipal rooms-for-hire lure wildly inappropriate dance teachers, dubious self-improvement classes and harangued relationship counsellors. Performed and written by Melinda Cklamovska, Tegan Higginbotham, Nathan Lovejoy, Matt Okine, Miles O’Neil, Morgana O’Reilly, Stevo Petkovic, Steen Raskopoulos, Zachary Ruane, Vachel Spirason, Jackson Tozer, Adele Vuko and Ronnie Chieng. Created by Amanda Brotchie and Nicole Minchin. Head Writers Amanda Brotchie, Dave O’Neil with Tony Moclair and Karl Chandler. Directed by Amanda Brotchie. Producer Nicole Minchin. Executive Producers Amanda Brotchie, Nicole Minchin, Adam Zwar. A High Wire Films production in association with ABC TV.

After being adored by critics in Australia and the USA, the award-winning comedy/drama PLEASE LIKE ME, created by Josh Thomas, returns with a second season set to screen simultaneously on ABC2 and America’s brand-new Pivot network. When we last saw Josh, his girlfriend had dumped him, he’d gained and lost a boyfriend, come out to his parents, lost his eccentric great aunt, and moved back in to live with his bipolar mother after her suicide attempt. In season two, Josh tries to get through the day without upsetting anyone. There’s a new dog, a new rabbit and a new baby. There’s no big twist. It isn’t Lost. Created by Josh Thomas. Written by Josh Thomas, Liz Doran, Thomas Ward. Directed by Matthew Saville. Produced by Todd Abbott. Executive Producers Todd Abbott, Josh Thomas and Kevin Whyte. A Pigeon Fancier and John & Josh International production for ABC TV and Pivot Original.

Simdon Chan (Lawrence Leung) has returned to his home town after many years training in a faraway martial arts temple. He is a born hero, defender of the weak and champion of the honest people of Cabramatta … Well, not really. The truth is Simon was at art school but he’d rather risk his life than disappoint his mother. Welcome to MAXIMUM CHOPPAGE – a painfully funny kung fu comedy where identity, family and love is a battlefield. Written by Lawrence Leung, Duncan Sarkies, Josh Mapleston. Producers Sophie Miller, Julie Eckersley. Executive Producers Tony Ayres, Debbie Lee. A Matchbox Pictures production in association with ABC TV, Screen Australia and Screen NSW.

Following on from the highly successful and critically acclaimed first series, in the second series of HEAD FIRST, Sabour Bradley enters more worlds of the bizarre – and even dangerous – to uncover the secret stories of ordinary Australians. This series he will investigate society’s addiction to porn and the personal ramifications of the phenomenon; the Australians trying to save trafficked children overseas; the illicit Australian-linked trade in the horn of the critically endangered black rhino; the spinal cord ‘highway’ where paralysed Australians are desperately seeking miracle cures abroad: and finally the lengths people go to through the use of legal and maybe even illegal drugs to make themselves look beautiful.Produced by Mushroom Pictures, Silver Suit Productions and Tin Roof Pictures.

Old Growth Forest Logger, Pimp, Abortion Clinic Worker… Madeleine Parry has a go at doing the jobs that create the thorny dilemmas of our time. At 23 she looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but Maddie’s got more mongrel than a hungry dingo and a disarming frankness that no one sees coming. In each episode Maddie does a different job, and charts the practical and ethical challenges she faces. She also reveals the stories of her co-workers, and how and why they do their work. She takes a look at who benefits from the work – and who pays. Each week the job’s challenges grow and Maddie finds herself in a series of practical and moral quagmires. Can Maddie and her colleagues do a good job and be good people? Watch as Maddie unpicks the ethical exchanges at the heart of Australia’s most provocative jobs by having a go herself. MADDIE’S TOUGH JOBS is frank, funny and tough, and reveals the bargains we make for our souls. An Essential Media & Entertainment and Projector Films production in association with ABC2.

CRASH TEST MUMMIES AND DADDIES follows four families as they embark on becoming parents for the very first time. In a world where mums and dads have never been more exposed to conflicting advice, public condemnation and idealistic dilemmas – how will our families fare as they adapt to life after birth? Watch as the families deal with relationship struggles, baby issues and domestic dramas. Parents share how they’re feeling, convey their future hopes and wonder how they’ll ever get through these early months of baby’s life! CRASH TEST MUMMIES AND DADDIES is a timely look at the politics of parenting in contemporary Australia. Through parents with very fixed ideas about how best to bring up their baby, the series explores contentious personal, social and political issues of parenting that will often spill over into wider public debate. A Southern Star Entertainment production in association with ABC2.

DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARKIES is a new sketch comedy show from the funniest blackfellas in Australia. It is irreverent, politically incorrect and goes where no other series can go. No one person or opic is off limits. In the vein of Basically Black and Babakiueria, our team of writers and performers will do their best to make you less afraid of the Darkies. This is the first sketch comedy written entirely by blackfellas and a first for the ABC. Produced by Scarlett Pictures.

Comedy Up Late – Series 2
Dirty Laundry Live – Series 2
Good Game
Opening Shot – Series 3
Raw Comedy 2014
Sunday Best – Series 4
The Roast – Series 3
Triple J’s One Night Stand 2014

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