Grimm: update

2013-11-08_0836Fans of Grimm, the show is returning to Seven in two week’s time.

This appears to be due to extended episodes of Beauty and the Geek.

This week on Grimm, ‘Grimm’ takes on the tale of Rumplestiltskin when a mysterious killer targets a video game company.

When a gruesome homicide brings an office party to a screeching halt, Nick and Hank find themselves battling a Wesen on a completely new platform – online.

Meanwhile, Juliette‟s mysterious hallucinations finally start to take shape, giving them a whole new meaning.

11:30pm Thursday, November 21st.


  1. @Craig – No Grimm goes to Foxtel first (Fox8), then it gets on-sold to Channel 7; Foxtel are showing the 3rd season now on Wednesdays (a few days behind the US which shows it Saturday our time).

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