Hands up who missed Sharknado?

2013-07-18_0036In a Thursday snapshot: The Bachelor: After the Final Rose won its slot, Redfern Now is struggling and Sharknado would have gotten a bigger audience if it wasn’t at 9:30 on a Thursday night multichannel.

Seven network share was 28.6% then Nine 28.2%, TEN 20.1%, ABC 16.5% and SBS 6.7%.

Seven News was 1.2m for Seven, then Today Tonight (1.02m), Home and Away (976,000), Beauty and the Geek Australia (624,000), How I Met Your Mother (610,000), Million Dollar Minute (432,000) and Grey’s Anatomy (388,000). The Amazing Race was just 186,000.

Nine had a delayed schedule due to cricket. Nine News was 1.1m, then ACA (959,000), Big Bang (682,000 / 472,000), Ashes Series (584,000), Top Gear (480,000 / 474,000).

The Bachelor: After the Final Rose was 768,000 for TEN then Law & Order: SVU (595,000), TEN Eyewitness News (481,000), The Project (446,000).

ABC News (767,000) led ABC1 then 7:30 (626,000), Redfern Now (478,000), Exhumed (438,000). The Hour repeat was just 159,000.

The final Destination Flavour Japan was 329,000 for SBS ONE then Italian Food Safari (259,000), Two Greedy Italians (241,000), Masters of Sex (234,000) and World News Australia (140,000).

GO!’s The Big Bang Theory led multichannels with 298,000. Sharknado was #14 with just 205,000 but did help the channel to the best multichannel share for the night of 5.3%. It was also trending #1 on Twitter.

Sunrise: 357,000
Today: 329,000
ABC News Breakfast: 60,000 / 50,000
Wake Up: 49,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 21 November 2013


  1. bettestreep2008

    I missed Sharknado because L&O SVU was on later because of that rotten Bachelor stuff.

    And Thursday is fast becoming the only good night for me. Survivor, L&O SVU and then Amazing Race to finish the night.

    The rest of the week has almost nothing worth watching.

    Thank god for my DVD collection!

  2. @Bogues I don’t why they didn’t just schedule the news for 6.30 for the duration of this Test. With the exception of Perth, the other Tests can’t go any later than 6pm AEDT time anyway!

  3. Nine was only delayed in Melbourne and Sydney. Qld, SA and WA would have got scheduled as per the guide (Hot Seat would have been dumped in SA, the 5pm news bulletin was dumped in Queensland).

    The same is happening tonight. Whatever happened to moving the cricket to GEM when the news was on? It’s allowed in the rules, and happened last year.

  4. Redfern Now was great last night but did they really have to get the lead actress playing a high school girl?
    It is great to see Craig McLachlan getting better roles as he gets older.

  5. ‘Redfern Now’, is brilliant TV. I loved the first series. Last weeks story was a bit weak (highly improbable scenario imho). Yesterday’s story was very well written, performed and executed.
    ‘Sharknado’, OMG – indeed, worst movie I ever saw. It was so gross that I stayed with it to the end. Remember folks to carry a chainsaw when confronted with a shark, you never know what you may find inside its belly!

  6. Last night’s episode of Redfern Now was vastly better than the others – it’s a pity they weren’t all of this standard. The earlier episodes bludgeoned you over the head with formulaic melodrama and first year drama school acting. This week’s episode was a model of restraint and subtlety. I can’t believe Steve Bisley managed to deliver his lines without shouting (sorry Steve, but you do shout a lot). He should get some sort of award (Gold Logie perhaps?) for not shouting, along with that magnificent hairpiece he wore in the flashback scene. Leah Purcell got some great performances out of her actors. I hope she gets to write and direct more TV shows.

  7. Disappointing to see Redfern Now’s ratings that low – could it be the fact that it seemed to be rushed to air not as much promo time as their other shows thats for sure..

    Wow BATG was super low last night, 7 will be hoping it picks up for the final otherwise it might be in doubt

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