Soft Sunday viewing hints at summer

Ratings: Looking at the latest Sunday night figures you would think we were in summer scheduling already.

2013-11-18_1008Looking at the latest Sunday night figures you would think we were in summer scheduling already. There was once a time when big shows would run all the way to the last weekend in November, but those have all but dried up.

The biggest audience was just 1.17m for 60 Minutes as networks offer little in the way of flagship entertainment and viewers respond accordingly. But lack of compelling choice meant SBS saw a lift in its shares.

Seven network shares was 30.2% then Nine 29.5%, TEN 18.2%, ABC 14.6% and SBS 7.5%.

Sunday Night (1.12m) topped Seven’s evening then Seven News (1.09m), Wild Planet: North America (881,000), Bones (682,000), Castle (541,000 / 343,000).

60 Minutes was #1 for the night at 1.17m then Nine News (1.09m), David Attenborough’s Secrets of Wild India (1.07m), and Movie: Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows (520,000). RBT was 387,000 in 4 cities.

Modern Family (756,000 / 754,000) led TEN followed by Elementary (663,000), TEN Eyewitness News (470,000), David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities (363,000), Have You Been Paying Attention? (352,000), but the Movie: The A Team was just 192,000.

ABC News (814,000) was best on ABC1 but numbers dropped for Bodyline (497,000), Luther (463,000), Midsomer Murders (309,000), Compass (280,000) and Chateau Chunder: A Wine Revolution (278,000).

Pompeii: Cellar of Skeletons was best on SBS ONE at 391,000 then Love, Marilyn (263,000), World News Australia (161,000) and a repeat of JFK: The Smoking Gun (129,000).

7TWO’s Escape to the Country topped multichannels at 275,000.

Insiders: 167,000 / 110,000 / 47,000
The Bolt Report: 104,000 / 79,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 17 November 2013

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  1. Wild India was a Nat Geo wildlife documentary featuring tigers. Nature’s Curiosities was a low budget BBC show with Attenborough talking about biology shot in zoos. Which one is likely to rate more?

    There will be a lot more people watching Channel 9 news waiting for 60 Minutes who would watch Wild India rather than flick over to watch half of Nature’s Curiosities and Have You Been Paying Attention?

    And Nine can promote more.

  2. Don’t think the TEN brand is that bad ! I think we should look at the sample Oztam are using! the sample is stuck fast and very rarely changed and hence the skewed figures. Change the whole sample and bet my last dollar the figures will change.

  3. Channel Ten does have a lot of ground to regain with their audience and summer is a good time to pick up some Brownie points. Wonderland was picking up- why didn’t they just keep running it through. It might have grown numbers while there is nothing else on.

    Seems it’s all about programming and slots rather than the audience- who they should be trying to lure back.

  4. I think it says it all when David Attenborough on Nine gets over 1m and the same series (different episode) gets just 363k on TEN. TEN are in deep water. Its their brand that is the issue not the shows. They have destroyed themselves and they only have themselves to blame.

  5. David Attenborough’s Secrets of Wild India (1.07m)

    David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities (363,000)

    Says it all, does it not? Brand Ten is a dead duck currently and they will need a massive effort to resuscitate it.

    PS Love HYBPA, great 1/2 hour of TV, hope the numbers improve.

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