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StudioTEN_S19Now that we’ve had time to digest Wake Up I thought I would turn my attention to Studio 10.

Having seen the bulk of two episodes, this show strikes me as the more successful of the new offerings.

Sure, it’s essentially The View with advertorials (right down to the daily audience giveaways), and yes The Circle pulled this off perfectly well when it had Chrissie Swan and Denise Drysdale (it’s odd that a network axes one show only to more or less revive it under another guise 15 months later). But having Meshel Laurie as a first guest was a nod to the Circle audience.

I’m very impressed with Sarah Harris as the lynchpin of the show. As discussions shift from one topic to the next, Harris allows panelists and guests to make their point whilst still keeping the ball in the air. She’s a breath of fresh air.

On Monday’s show Ita Buttrose, clearly pitched as their very own Barbara Walters, didn’t manage to offer too much. References to Sophia Loren and “Miley Whatshername” had me a little worried that she may miss the target demo. But yesterday’s show was a better fit, and what perfect timing – Buttrose was able to speak about the merger of Cleo and Dolly editorial staff. She lamented the demise of good content in women’s mags, even showing us Cleo edition #1.

Buttrose was also well-placed to reference some social history with guest Germaine Greer yesterday.

Greer wasn’t quite sure what to make of Joe Hildebrand, presumably not the first to have this reaction. So far he’s dropped quite a few clangers (his mother not know the meaning of the word “toey” being the first). But it’s what he’s been hired for, as the owl with the pussycats. He appears to be referencing notes a bit too much for TV, but it’s worth noting he will become a father soon and it should be interesting to see if it mellows him. A potential arc for the show itself.

Jessica Rowe is the final piece to this team and I’m not clear yet how her role differs from the others (is it working mum perhaps?). Still it’s only been 2 days. It’s clear she has a good rapport with her co-presenters, with a segment yesterday on “lying” as the best example.

But the show’s best feature is having the live audience. Technically both shows have been rough around the edges, but they get away with it because the audience is in on the making of television. Just as Hey Hey it’s Saturday used to do, Studio 10 doesn’t mind breaking the fourth wall with its invited guests, and this makes us feel part of their circle (oops!). I’d even take it a step further. Let’s get to know some key crew members too (remember Belvedere?). Over to you, Jono Coleman.

Can we please have advertorials as separate from editorial? Don’t like introductions from Sarah Harris for these. I feel misled.

I also don’t understand the point of Studio 10 YOU at 10:30pm. Is this a separately-sponsored half hour, or just something to fudge the ratings coding? Keep it simple, please just package under the show’s single umbrella.

By contrast with Wake Up, the hot topic discussion points work well for this show. It’s later in the morning, there is more time for considered discussion and they get a better airing (including from at least one member with genuine gravitas).

To me this emphasises a misreading about how these two shows should be working in tandem.

At the moment both are driven by conversation. Would it not be better to have Wake Up as a predominantly news-based show and Studio 10 as the round-table discussion? One show to tell me what’s happened while I have been sleeping when I am time-precious, and the other  to delve into the various debates when I have more time to relax? It’s not rocket science….

I would anticipate Studio 10 finding a following fairly quickly and while morning television isn’t exactly my thang, I’ll be happy to drop by from time to time.

Studio 10 airs from 8:30 weekdays on TEN.


  1. TasTVcameraman

    Have only just caught Wake Up & Studio 10, I agree that Studio 10 is the better show and more addictive viewing than Wake Up.
    Wake Up needs to be more something otherwise in my opinion just another breakfast show, quickly turned back to ABC News 24

  2. Armchair Analyst

    Its quite regular if you think about it. whether one network does it or others copy that network. TEN also did it with Loop. They axed Video Hits and only 6 months later put together another music show The Loop. Also through out the years Seven launches a show a sports panel show and Nine copy it, remember World of Sport or Footy Panel. TEN’s morning line up resembles mid to late 90s.

  3. Read this morning that the Executive Producer has had to take time off for health reasons. The pressure to get these morning shows rating must be unbelievable.

  4. Really loving Studio 10. Never been a fan of Sarah Harris or Joe but they’re both fabulous on this show.

    The guest hosts have all been great. Sandra Sully’s appearance yesterday was also a bonus and they should get her back as much as possible.

    As for Wake Up I’m really not sure the current host line up works. Natasha Exelby really is a weak link.

  5. Studio 10 is a strong format, I don’t think it will take long to pick up. Particularly if they maintain interesting guest panellists. On the other hand, Wake Up has a completely contrast in feel to Studio 10. Feels cramped on set (Neula looks like she’s reading the news from prison), the chemistry isn’t strong between hosts (despite Boland stating he did test runs against a plethora of personalities), and the roving reporter would work better if he was at an actual event. People wake up and want the basics to start the day, I don’t think they want awkward conversations about uninteresting topics in an uncomfortable sitting.

  6. Once again another great and accurate review. Whilst I agree with everything said, I do believe you’re being far too kind. Both shows (despite some minor strengths) are still quite unbearable to watch. I’ve tried now twice (each) and I almost get the feeling that they’re not even really trying in order to show a marked improvement for when they really do. Your analogy with The View is spot on. Sarah Harris is indeed the stand out. However whilst Joe Hildebrand is particularly annoying on this show. It’s like he doesn’t even want to be there, and his litany of bad dad jokes and puns is excruciating. One thing he did in Tuesday’s show was deliver quite an improvised soliloquy about the love of his life… his boss, Rupert Murdoch. It was genuinely sickening.

  7. Can’t stand Hildebrand, but still watched, but then Meshel whatsername came on, that’s enough, time to turn off!
    Gawd! how many shows does she have to infect with her unfunny try hardness!

  8. Love Studio 10 but having Ita on that plasma screen in place of her usual self today (she was in Perth) was downright ridiculous. On the whole though this show is great.

    As you said David, I reckon Wake Up should have a look at Studio 10, and also The Project to help them get a better news/discussion mix.

  9. bettestreep2008

    Anything with Ita and that bloke makes me run for the remote.

    Both of them are rightwing cons and if I wanted to listen to that rubbish I’d watch Fox News or the Bolt Report.

  10. Good ole Joe Hilderbrand has finally convinced me of one thing, that indeed a leopard can not change its spots, and his same theme of comedic sarcasm is still bubbling away under what is no doubt a very thin skin, and I relish the time that viewers repay him by sarcastically doing to him and in the exact same way as he laughingly built up his reputation, targeting those who were and still are far superior to him.
    Revenge may be sweet for those who Joe used to reach these satirical heights, where now he himself may be about to find that reputations can not only built on success, some can be built on sarcastic satire, with the only historical difference being the fine line separating Applause of Ovation and Slow Hand Clapping Exits, c..l..a..p…c..l..a…p Joe

  11. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for Ita or not, she seems to sit there with a bored expression on her face. It’s bit of hit and miss with her, contributes to very few discussions over first few days imo. Just seeing her on the screen behind Jess was pitiful, may as well had a guest panelist for today. Joe, can be funny at times, but needs to let others speak !

  12. Never heard/seen of sarah harris before but I agree, I think she is fantastic! She’s smart, funny and does a great job of steering the conversation and keeping joe hildebrand in check

  13. I completely agree with everything you said David as well as the other comments below. The advertorials ruin it, especially the shouty man. Joe is extremely annoying. Yes he is funny at times but the fact that he wants the spotlight on himself all the time means we don’t get to hear what the other panelists think. That was obvious in the first show when he didn’t let Ita get a word in. If I was home everyday I would find time for studio 10.

  14. Watched for ten minutes this morning…. much better and more mature and credible mix than wake up …. but is the audience told to cheer and applause after Ita makes a statement?

  15. I would like this new offering to work, but Hildebrand just has me reaching for the remote to turn off.
    I always try to give him another go, but then he opens his mouth, and nothing works.

  16. I also think more Angela Bishop on both shows would not go astray. Agree studio 10 definitely the better of the 2 .. As many have said wake up needs to be news based and less talking. And please cut out the you tube videos

  17. I only watched on Monday and to be honest, I probably won’t bother again. I didn’t find a story that interested me. I hate the live home shopping ads. Though I did spot Nikki who used to do them for The Circle.

  18. Sounds like studio 10 is the better show of the two, and judging by others comments on this site, wake up needs to be a little more professional

  19. I enjoyed it, and I don’t mind it being compared to “The View” as I miss that show.
    Having an audience is good, not keen on Joe Hildebrand though. he seems to make a joke out of everything and rub people up the wrong way such as that Peter guy, the organiser who used to be on “Oprah”, he was clearly irritated with him.
    Jessica’s snorting is annoying as well, apart from these issues, I liked it.

  20. Couldn’t agree more with how these shows should be working in tandem. Watching Wake Up for the first time and I’m exhausted with all the talk topics and surprised at how little news I’ve heard. It’s clear the format has been modelled on Breakfast Radio but come on people, it’s TV! My finger is hovering over the 9 button….

  21. Great review David.
    I also felt that Jess Rowe was a bit of a spare wheel and have yet to see what she brings.
    I just wish that Boland could demand that the annoying informercial guy (James?) would stop shouting at us!!

  22. AnnMareefromTaree

    I was in the studio audience yesterday and was impressed, sure there were a few issues but I think when they find their feet it will be a great daytime show to watch. I miss The Circle and The View.
    Not impressed with the breakfast show, I’ve gone back to ABC breakfast

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