Wake Up drops Natasha Exelby

Natasha Exelby is gone from TEN's new breakfast show in only its third week.

2013-10-15_1056TEN has dropped Natasha Exelby from Wake Up in a shock move announced this morning, leaving the show to Natarsha Belling and James Mathison.

The move comes in the show’s third week on air and after much publicity about the trio’s chemistry.

TEN CEO Hamish McLennan said today the show still needed some changes.

She will remain with Network Ten’s News division.

Network Ten Director of Morning Television, Adam Boland, said: “It’s important we get Wake Up right.

“I have said repeatedly that chemistry is everything at breakfast and, right now, I don’t think the balance is correct. It’s up to producers to fix those things.

“I rate Natasha, Natarsha and James extremely highly individually, otherwise they wouldn’t have been there in the first place. I also saw genuine spark during show rehearsals, but sometimes, that doesn’t translate on air. That is nobody’s fault, except mine,” he said.

“Natasha is a dear friend. She is also genuinely talented and will remain a key part of Ten into the future.”

TEN says the are no changes for new morning show, Studio 10.

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  1. The biggest problem now out of the way, time to bring in a male co host with some personality, as opposed to the boring lifeless drainer they have on now, and FFS have live news in studio, what’s with the ridiculous pre-record? And the blackening out of the flinders street clock looks hideous, do they assume we think its live?

  2. Hey Daniel……I would not say the Project has three hosts…..two really (sharing the same shot)…..and the overrated Dave Hughes chipping in a few times a show(trying to be funny). Wake up had three hosts all within the same shot….wether it be at the desk or the couch.

  3. Now James to go & Matt Doran to the desk please. Drop the ‘local’ news & present it live. Here’s a novel idea you could stream the show live in Brisbane from 5.30-7.30. Would be nice to see a national news show live at the moment.

  4. I struggle to find any decent content at 6am. I wish WakeUp started at 6am instead of half past. I have caught the the first 10 minutes and have liked what I have seen.
    I realise the need to juggle things as they develop. But I see moving the start time to at least 6am as more important.
    I do not like the & and (offerings and ABC seem to spend too long on political stories and some mornings it is a bit much).

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