Airdate: The Moaning of Life

2013-12-28_2235Karl Pilkington, whose solo series have previously screened on ONE, surfaces on ABC1 this week with his new series, The Moaning of Life.

In this 5 episode series, he visits Japan, South Africa, Mexico, and Taiwan looking at the themes of Marriage, Happiness, Kids, Vocation and Money.

The final episode on Death, filmed in the Philippines, was delayed in the UK due to Typhoon Haiyan.

Karl Pilkington is embarking on more travels around the globe – and this time he’s on a journey of self-discovery too. He might be known for having a moan, but the popular ‘An Idiot Abroad’ star has never really worried about the big stuff. But now he’s reached the landmark age of 40, it seems the right time to re-assess where his life is going.

In this funny and entertaining travelogue with a difference, Karl sets out in his own inimitable style to check out other cultures and experience how they face up to life’s big issues like happiness, death, careers, marriage and children.

Travelling from far flung tribes and cultures in Indonesia and Africa to bustling high tech cities in America, Japan and South Korea, he encounters unusual beliefs, experiences ancient customs and traditions, and discovers new and bizarre modern practices. As he works as a wedding planner in India, lives the millionaire lifestyle in South Africa, attends a party funeral in Ghana and tries nude modelling in Japan, will Karl gain worldly wisdom or end up more puzzled than ever?

9:30pm Thursday January 2 ABC1

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  1. Another hilarious series of Karl’s travels.This series is probably a bit better than A,I.A as Ricky & Steve aren’t involved and making him do odd things.

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