Airdate: Sick of It

Karl Pilkington is back in his own scripted comedy on ABC Comedy.

Karl Pilkington, star of The Moaning of Life and An Idiot Abroad, is back in his own scripted comedy, Sick of It on ABC Comedy.

The 6 part series debuted in the UK in September.

Karl Pilkington has always seen the world in a different way. Now he stars in a unique comedy that serves up a double helping of Karl Pilkington – with Karl playing himself as well as the grumpy voice inside his head who appears as a doppelgänger only he can see.

Sick of It follows Karl after he loses his long-term girlfriend and finds himself living with his elderly American Auntie and working as a taxi driver. As Karl struggles to move on, get his life in order, and start dating again, the voice inside his head pops up to annoy him when he’s stressed, to criticise him when he messes up, and to dispense witty philosophy.

Who should Karl listen to? The irritable voice inside his head, his ballsy American Aunt Norma, or the other people he comes across? Perhaps he should just keep to himself. As Karl says, people are much less annoying when you don’t know them.

Sick of It captures what it’s like to be inside Karl’s head and is packed with his trademark
witticisms, philosophy, and observations about the world, with equal measures of daftness, physical comedy and pathos.

9:50pm Wednesday February 20 on ABC

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