Sam Armytage to host Bringing Sexy Back

2013-12-02_0127Samantha Armytage will host Seven’s new makeover series, Bringing Sexy Back next year.

The series seeks to “change exhausted ordinary Australians into something extraordinary” and to live a balanced, healthy life. It uses weight loss technology and health, fitness and style experts.

“There is an epidemic of exhaustion in modern life. Many people are overcommitted, overtired and overweight. We’re working harder and longer, it’s time to wrestle back some control,” said Armytage.

“Bringing Sexy Back offers Australians the chance to reinvent themselves.

“With professional help we will empower people to make positive life changes to improve their self-image.”

Armytage, 37 added, “I’ve been in the public eye for more than 15 years and I know what it’s like to feel you fall short of others expectations but this show is about equipping people to make healthy life choices.”

Director of Network Production Brad Lyons described the show as “an inspirational makeover series giving Australians the rare opportunity to change their lives, supported by some of the best experts in business. People will be fascinated with the transformations.”

Bringing Sexy Back is an original Seven production. Executive Producer for Seven is Sonya Wilkes.


  1. I think Sam is terrific – but I just saw the promo and predict a colossal Fail. Same production teams as the woeful 10 years younger… Looks bad like Celebrity Splash and Slideshow meets formal wars and When Love Comes to town.

  2. Sonia Kruger has already done this, I remember it was called Ten Years Younger in Ten Days. It was on about five years ago. Nothing new under the sun, I suppose. Although I love the J Timberlake song of the same title, I’m not sure it makes a particularly good title for a TV show.

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