Shaun Micallef joins sci-fi project Arrowhead

Shaun MicallefShaun Micallef has been cast as the voice of REEF, a futuristic computer that appears in the sci-fi telemovie Arrowhead, a tale of survival on a distant planet.

Initially a crowdfunded project, Arrowhead was subsequently commissioned to premiere in 2014 on SF, however due to the closure of the channel,  TV1 General Entertainment Partnership is now exploring opportunities.

Directed by Jesse O’Brien, Arrowhead was originally Arrowhead: Signal, a short film. It is now being shot in remote outback locations in South Australia, with second stage filming scheduled for February in Coober Pedy.

“’I liked the script very much and was in love with the idea of playing a sentient computer in a Sci-Fi film, but the prospect of turning up everyday and cramming myself inside a computer worried me a little,” said Micallef. “Then Jesse explained I could just go to a studio and record my lines and they’d play them back later, so I agreed.”

In the story the lead character Kye, a prisoner of war caught between two armies, becomes stranded on a rescue mission after his spaceship, the Arrowhead, crash lands.

Micallef’s character REEF, an artificially intelligent computer installed on the Arrowhead’s crashed shuttle, becomes Kye’s companion. While at first REEF appears to be simply an information kiosk, he soon develops a warm, friendly and curious nature that will prove vital to the hero’s survival.

Jesse O’Brien said, “We’re very excited to have Shaun Micallef on board – he has that perfect balance of likability and intelligence. Reef is a character who’s been close to my heart ever since the first inkling of the Arrowhead idea, and to have Shaun bring him to life is going to be perfect.”

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