Adam Boland resigns from TEN

TEN Adam Boland 1Wake Up Executive Producer Adam Boland has resigned from TEN, due to ill health.

The former Sunrise producer, who joined TEN to launch Wake Up and Studio 10 last year, took two leave of absences late last year and has previously spoken about having biological melancholic depression.

TEN CEO Hamish McLennan said: “We are sorry to lose Adam. But we fully understand and support his decision to take a break from the television industry and focus on restoring his health.

“We are very grateful to Adam for the passion, enthusiasm and drive he brought to his role at TEN over the past 10 months. He is leaving a great legacy. Studio 10 has been a success since day one and is being increasingly embraced by viewers and advertisers. Wake Up has strong potential and will develop further this year.

Wake Up and Studio 10 are not even three months old. We are happy with both shows, but we have always acknowledged it will take time to establish them. Network TEN remains committed to building a strong presence in the breakfast and morning television market.”

Update: On Facebook today Adam Boland wrote:

“So, I made a big life decision this month which I can finally talk about. I’m leaving Ten and indeed, television. Since my breakdown, I have struggled to get my mind back in the game. And that’s unfair to my many friends who produce morning TV at Ten. I’m proud of the shows we launched – but they will only reach their full potential with strong leadership.

“I’m thankful that Ten agreed to release me from my contract. The truth is, I have lost my passion for television. Sadly, that’s something I only realised when I started doing day-to-day shows again.

“Across the past 17 years, I have achieved far more than I ever expected. I’ve met people I adore, from Al Gore to Benjamin Law. I’ve dined with Prime Ministers and argued with newspaper editors. I even got to produce a prime-time concert at the Opera House! But I’m most proud of the times we shed light on issues I care about – climate change, equality and most recently, mental health.

“There’s nothing more I want to do in television. So, Kenny and I will spend the next four months (at least) in Vanuatu. We have no plan and frankly, that’s exactly what we want. I need some stillness in my life.

“And that means I’m not sure what I will do next, but whatever it is, it will need to provoke my passion. Suspect it will have something to do with one of my pet causes above.

“Anyway, thanks to everyone who I had the pleasure of working with in television. I hope that many will forever remain friends. And whenever you need a break, drop in to our little hideaway in Vanuatu.”

TEN today appointed Steve Wood, a former Executive Producer of Nine’s Today show, as Executive Producer of Wake Up.

Both Wood and Rob McKnight, Executive Producer of Studio 10 will report to Hamish McLennan, until Peter Meakin starts as Executive Director of News and Current Affairs on February 17.

Wake Up recently highlighted issues of mental health in a series of on-air stories.


  1. cynical old codger

    To follow up on my previous contribution to put my final sentence into the context it was intended.

    ”Manic Depression(Bipolar) always seems to be associated with personal failure” but very rarely with times of Brilliance, Enthusiasm and Endurance also rarely seen by others outside close family and friends as not many can stay awake for days on end.

    Which is why I also find it strange that Adam chose to reveal his intended destination so publicly, unless of course it is a complete red herring?

  2. cynical old codger

    Other than these much appreciated pages, thanks to David, my only other interaction with Adam was where Adam found time to personally respond to my Sunrise enquiries, unlike the ‘ two bob each way’ and now self-proclaimed ‘Big Boy’ Kochie, who has never once responded/acknowledged some very legitimate financial enquiries…I of course wish Adam all the best in his future ventures, I should now declare(and in no way impune Adam) that I am also Bipolar(Manic Depressive), born 1941 into my family headed by my WW1 Shell Shocked Veteran Manic Depressive Father, who was abandoned by several ‘ungrateful’ successive governments, I revert to using ‘ Manic Depression’ in hope that if the trendy use of ‘Bipolar’ was dropped, it may deter those who suddenly ‘Contract Bipolar’ after being caught out badly.
    Manic Depression(Bipolar) always seems to be associated with personal failure,…

  3. @judgeg – Adam Boland was not responsible for ACA, TT, Today, Mornings, The Morning Show, Afternoon (or whatever the Nine show was called), the Seven afternoon show, etc. He was responsible for making Sunrise Australia’s most watched breakfast show.
    If you want intelligent television, per se, you have ABC. Commercial TV is what it is everywhere in the world, mindless crap for the masses.

  4. It’s probably the best thing he could do for the show. In any line of work it’s difficult to make the decisions that need to be made when the person ultimately responsible is on any kind of extended leave, so cutting the ties completely is best for Ten and hopefully best for his health too.

  5. Yep Studio 10 is a total winner in terms of Hosts and content, Absolutely shits over Mornings on 9 and the morning show. I try to watch everyday if I’m not working and if I miss it I watch it on tenplay. Sarah as main host is so flawless it’s incredible! She just slid into that role so well.

  6. @ mistaken. Yep agree with you. I have tried to catch a bit of wake up lately and content is very disappointing. The hosts have loosened up which is good but still have a way to go. James is just not working and has no credibility.

    Studio 10 on the other hand is the best in its time slot without a doubt. And should continue to rise. Very enjoyable

    But back on topic…..I wish Alan a speedy recovery. Sounds like the industry has burnt him out!!!

  7. I hope Adam finds some peace of mind and regains his health.

    Unfortunately Wake Up has been a shambles since day one with very little direction, awful content and poor selection of hosts in Natasha Exelby and James Mathieson (who has not improved at all). Wake up needs a massive overhaul if it is to remain on air.

    Studio10 on the other hand is brilliant. The chemistry between the hosts is superb and they move effortlessly from topic to topic. Hopefully the audience base continues to rise.

    P.S @judgeg terribly harsh comment

  8. Stress is a major cause of mental illness and TV is a very stressful businesses.

    If it is going to have negative affects on his health then Boland is right to try something else. And Ten would be happy to let him go. If he is not coping with the stress then he won’t be a productive employee and a workcover risk for Ten.

  9. Maev....Sydney

    Yes…mental health issues…very complicated…hope he can relax and heal…
    Big loss for TEN…
    @ David Knox….an ignore button would be so helpful…some names that pop up…I just bypass…
    I come to read your info…not others pontificating like the know all….they should maybe start their own blogs.

  10. That Facebook post is quite extraordinary. Seems to attribute his resignation more on losing interest than his mental health. Hope he knows what he is doing, that sure does burn a lot of bridges, wouldn’t be able to get another job in television if this popped up in the interview.

  11. Aussie_Austridge

    I’m not surprised he has quit. Adam is a winner but he was with a network which has deliberately cultivated an image of itself as a loser. And the reason for that image is The Simpsons. Nine stopped showing Two and A Half Men two years ago, they dropped Who’s the Boss three seasons before it was axed and Seven didn’t show the last two seasons of the Ellen sitcom. Why on Earth is Ten still showing The Simpsons?

  12. Best news I’ve heard about Australian TV in years! He more than any other single person has been responsible for dumbing-down television in Australia. He ought to be ashamed of his ‘legacy’. I have as much interest in his medical problems as he did in the welfare of Australia. It’s a good day today.

  13. I’m not bipolar, but suffer from depression. I’ve had some fantastic jobs, but have left them because of my depression. You think you will be ok, until the black dog takes over.

  14. @ryan: I’m not going to pretend to know Adam’s condition or circumstances but from my experience issues relating to mental health can lie dormant and one might think they are recovered or have the symptoms under control but all it can take is one trigger to set it off again. And that trigger can be unpredictable or uncontrollable, and so can the reaction.

    Best wishes for Adam in recovering.

  15. As important as health is…a major blow to Ten. Wake Up is now going down the same path as Breakfast having lost a co-host and a producer.
    But, both Boland and Wood are more experienced than the producers Ten had on board for Breakfast.

    Maybe Adam is a bit overrated anyway, Studio 10 is having more success than Wake Up at the moment, and it’s not produced by him.

  16. Anyone who truly believes he resigned of his own free will is extremely gullible. His only contribution to 10 were two ratings disasters that continue to go downhill.

    That being said I sincerely hope he can get on top of his medical problems as he appears to be a likable person who badly needs a break from the rat race that is television. As Jason says, the number one priority is to get well before anything else.

    • Trev yours is entirely speculation and people resign from jobs all the time, even in television. Your ongoing criticism of TEN doesn’t convince me you have inside info, sorry! If you do, my contact page is at the bottom. I’m pleased to see you agree health is #1 here.

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