Airdate: The Moodys

2014-01-19_0012The Moodys return for a new season soon as part of a strong week of programming from ABC1.

The 8 part series stars the dysfunctional family which previously appeared in A Moody Christmas.

Now the clan is back for family events spanning a single year, beginning with Australia Day.

The format is currently in development for a US adaptation through producers, JungleBoys.

Following on from the popular A Moody Christmas, Dan (Ian Meadows) and Cora (Jane Harber) have finally returned home to Australia to set up house together. However, life back in Australia is not turning out quite as planned. As they struggle to make ends meet, the Moody family home is up for sale; Sean’s (Patrick Brammall) funeral fireworks business is going great guns; Maree (Tina Bursill) and Kevin (Danny Adcock) test the freewheeling lifestyle of the grey nomads; Bridget (Rachel Gordon) and Roger (Phil Lloyd) find out if there’s friendship after divorce, especially after Bridget meets the charming Matt (Jonny Pasvolsky); and Uncle Terry (Darren Gilshenan) is in a tangled love affair with Yvonne (Sacha Horler), a one-woman force of nature.

A year of highs and lows unfolds against a backdrop of hysterical family gatherings including Terry’s Australia Day barbecue, which quickly disintegrates into a flag-burning disaster; the annual Moody family Easter Weekend in a caravan park that is not what anyone expected; and Kevin and Maree’s anniversary which turns into mayhem after the surprise arrival of a demanding family member. Plus more challenging moments such as Sean’s court case, Bridget’s surprise birthday and Terry’s run for council.

It’s been 12 months since we last saw the Moody family. Maree and Kevin have put the Moody home up for sale, outraging Sean. He’s refusing to leave his house and is squatting in his old room. Dan and Cora have returned home from the UK and, in an attempt to impress Cora’s family, Dan invites them to Uncle Terry’s Australia Day BBQ.

Loaded up like a packhorse, Terry arrives early on Australia Day and claims the best spot in the park. However, he’s not the only one. A quarrel with an Aboriginal family ensues until a compromise is reached and the two families decide to share lunch.

But the barbecue disintegrates into another Moody disaster after a flag is accidently burnt, Dan is stung by a bluebottle, and an unexpected visitor returns after a year at sea.

9:00pm Wednesday, 5 February ABC1


  1. Love,love,love The Moody’s. So fresh and has that real aussie feel. Hope they get a really good run on this little treasure,should be more shows like it,aussie comedy!

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