Returning: One Born Every Minute

British observational series capturing the drama of a maternity unit returns next week on SBS.

2014-01-12_1205British observational series One Born Every Minute returns for a new series next week on SBS.

This is a 14-part series capturing the drama and emotion of a maternity unit, from the perspective of the parents-to-be and the maternity ward staff.

Every minute of every hour of every day, a baby is born in Britain. The intimate footage gives a unique inside view of what it is really like when life begins.

Using state of the art technology, forty-four cameras were placed around the maternity ward for seven weeks in Leeds General Infirmary, UK. Filming from the reception desk to the neo-natal ward; from the operating theatre to the birthing pool, this fourteen-part documentary captures those dramatic, tender and heart-warming moments shared between families.

Episode One:
Stacey is expecting her second child but it’s her first with husband Lee. Stacey is desperate to give birth but every time she thinks she’s in labour, it turns out to be a false alarm. The to-ing and fro-ing gets frustrating for Lee. When Ramona last gave birth it was by an emergency C-section. This time, she wants to give birth naturally with husband, Marvin by her side. But, when she goes into labour, Marvin is half-way down the M1 motorway and it seems like history might be repeating itself. The Hospital is promoting ‚active birth‛ and trainee yoga instructor, Sara, wholeheartedly embraces the idea‛. Last time she endured a long induction and is determined to make this birth 100% natural.

Wednesday, 22 January at 8.30pm on SBS ONE

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