Janet King scores for ABC1, but Nine takes Thursday.

Ratings: Janet King debuts stronger than Crownies in 2011, but Nine takes the glory, with wins for The Block and Today.

2014-02-28_1019ABC1’s premiere episode of Janet King has made a strong debut, with 824,000 viewers last night -better than the double episode debut of Crownies in 2011 at 706,000.

But the night belonged to Nine with solid numbers for The Block, whilst Today had its first survey win over Sunrise at breakfast.

Nine Network share was 30.5% then Seven 27.3%, ABC 21.3%, TEN 16.2% and SBS 4.7%.

The Block was #1 at 1.3m / 875,000 viewers for Nine then Nine News (1.07m / 989,000), ACA (962,000), Hot Seat (598,000) and Movie: The Hangover (373,000).

Seven News (1.01m/ 1.01m) led for Seven then Home and Away (846,000), Border Security (776,000), Anh Does Scandinavia (630,000), Million Dollar Minute (467,000), Tricked (355,000). Young Lazy and Driving Us Crazy was just 160,000.

ABC News (831,000) was best for ABC1 then Janet King (824,000), The Checkout (762,000), 7:30 (702,000), Grand Designs (346,000) and The School (329,000).

On TEN it was TEN Eyewitness News (541,000), SVU (503,000 / 494,000), The Project (468,000 / 310,000), Bold & the Beautiful (424,000) and The Biggest Loser (359,000).

SBS ONE numbers were Gourmet Farmer (291,000), Mexican Fiesta (263,000), Sicily Unpacked (174,000), World News Australia (130,000). Rectify was 76,000.

ABC2’s Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom was 329,000. Survivor was 152,000 and The Amazing Race was 78,000.

Today: 319,000
Sunrise: 311,000
ABC News Breakfast: 58,000 / 43,000
Wake Up: 39,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 27 February 2014

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  1. Did anybody watch Wake Up this morning? A tough question I know! Apparently James slept in and Andrew Rockford filled in. Andrew stayed around till the end of the show. I saw the last 5 minutes…..and Andrew was great…he presented so much better than James.

    What did anybody else think?

  2. Wow can’t believe that Today beat Sunrise – it was only a few weeks ago that Sunrise was smashing Today by almost 70,000 viewers. Also watched The Amazing Race, but was quite disappointed with the tasks and cast, especially considering it is “All Stars”. On the other hand, I loved the Anh Do Scandinavia special, excellently produced and great to watch. Sad that it didn’t get the ratings it deserved.

  3. I loved Janet King. So happy it got good numbers.

    That’s really low for The Amazing Race….. guess with other reality shows competing it didn’t win (I haven’t even watched yet but I have series linked it).

  4. I loved Janet King. It was a great drama and can’t wait to see more. Well done ABC. Sure some of it was patchy at times and could be better but it was much better than the Fat Tony crap Nine dished up on Sunday night.

    The rest of last night was pretty light on tv viewing for me. I didn’t watch much else and glad ABC gave me a good alternative.

  5. Crownies another Aussie show with good production values and good cast. But let down very badly by its script; disjointed, implausible and full of scenes which were empty and lacked any obvious purpose. I didn’t believe for a minute that a woman on maternity leave goes straight to court without any preparation to prosecute a paedophile. And then her case for a long sentence for the John Howard character was completely unmotivated and absurd. All concocted soapie drama with little credibility. If you want to see a much better example of a courtroom drama with credibility watch Silk.

  6. I thought Janet King was pretty solid but I agree that the home life scenes jarred with the rest – in fact, they irked me enough that I hope that they’re pretty much absent for the rest of the series.

    I’ve only seen the one broadcast ep so I can’t comment about all of the cases being predictable, but last night’s one did throw up the interesting defence of the plaintiff knowing that his target was actually an adult, and then the twist with the photos of his daughter right at the very end.

    If we can just get Alph Gangi… sorry Vince Colosimo to tone it down a bit, I think it’ll turn out to be pretty decent fare for a thu night.

  7. Wow 78,000 for Amazing Race – see what happens when noone knows it is on?Wondering how American Idol is doing as not in top 20?

    With TEN and SVU, I bet it would do at least 100k less if it was scheduled on a night MKR is on. These 8.40’s, 8.50 or so finishes on Seven and Nine are severely impacting TEN’s “on time” 8.30pm starts.

  8. @Josh
    The Good Wife just never caught on with Australian audiences and was struggling with ratings during the second half of S1 and got bumped to 9:30pm. After that it never rated much more than 500k.

    It never rated that well with 18-49s in the US, even with a shift to tech stories about search engines, Bit Coin, the NSA, and has struggled to get renewed.

    The first season wasn’t that good. It was a standard legal drama pitched with the gimmick of being about the family of a disgraced politician, which along with the stories about Peter’s incarceration and Jackie never really worked.

    But the writing and editing improved and they shifted the focus to the legal and political stories and filled them with interesting characters. TGW has improved every season and now has tight, fast moving stories about current issues. It is one of the best shows on FTA, it just isn’t very…

  9. Janet King is impeccably produced and acted, but it suffers from Middle-of-the-Roaditis.

    The background story of her home life is dramatically inert, and creates a flat spot whenever it occurs. Yeah, we get it – she’s in a same sex relationship and has twins, which puts pressure on her. The story would be much better if she were a single mother grappling with raising kids and having a career, without assistance from a partner.

    The case of the week stories are rather predictable and don’t have any depth to them. There are no interesting twists and turns to keep us intrigued. They all seem to be based on headlines from newspapers over the last few years. And they move along at a snail’s pace. Yawn.

    Still, it’s vastly better than the schlock-fest that was Crownies.

  10. This is crazy – how is it that The Biggest Loser (TBL) pulls similar numbers to Wednesday night yet SVU gets an increase while The Good Wife which is by far the better drama drops from TBL? Somehow I think because SVU started on TEN during their prime viewers are still attached, yet because The Good Wife started during a slump people are reluctant to get on board. If anyone reading these comments hasn’t watched The Good Wife – start now, it will be well worth your time!

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