News boss quits TEN

tenapAnthony Flannery, TEN’s Head of News and Current Affairs has resigned.

Flannery, who joined TEN in January 2012, will depart on February 28.

The news will come as little surprise to industry observers, given former Seven exec, Peter Meakin, is about to begin as Executive Director of News and Current Affairs.

Meakin is due to start on February 17th.

TEN CEO Hamish McLennan, said: “I would like to thank Anthony for his hard work and contribution over the past two years.

“Our News operation has become stronger and more efficient over that time and our flagship TEN Eyewitness News bulletins at 5pm continue to dominate their timeslot in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. We wish Anthony all the very best for the future.”

Flannery said: “TEN Eyewitness News is an outstanding operation with an exceptionally talented and committed team. I couldn’t be more confident about its future. I wish Hamish, Peter Meakin and all the great staff at TEN the very best.”


  1. Squeezed out would probably be a better description. I hope Meakin doesn’t come in and start making drastic changes. Ten has the best one hour news service in Australia. 7 has a tabloid magazine mess with Melbourne, Brisbane and now Sydney having their best newsreaders relegated to Fri-Sat and 9 haven’t figured out how to deliver a one hour bulletin which isn’t overflowing with fluff pieces. Interesting that a week before Meakin officially starts Ten introduce double header presenters in Sydney & Munro comes on board as weekend presenter. You can’t tell me Meakin hasn’t been pulling strings already. Next entering into 6pm slot..

  2. cynical old codger

    With absolutely no disrespect intended.

    Perhaps jshaw is new to anagramming, as he only just missed on describing Ten’s problems in his anagram of ‘ Deadpatches’.

  3. Aussie_Austridge

    @GuanoLad: Flannery was doing a good job, building up the credibility of TEN’s news and current affairs block until the big bosses barged in and wedged The Simpsons between the news and The Project and rebranding TEN News as Eyewitness News (Eyewitless News). Nobody took them seriously after that.

  4. I often wonder what jobs like that actually entail. What decisions are they making? What results are they actually responsible for? How difficult is it to do? Do they all go in planning radical changes and just end up trapped under inhibiting negotiation and compromise? Is the enormous pay cheque worth the stress? What skills do you actually need to get the job? Can I apply with no experience?

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