WTFN signs co-production deal with Chinese broadcaster

2014-02-06_0115Independent production company WTFN (The Living Room, Bondi Vet) has signed a co-production deal with Chinese broadcaster Tianjin TV that will see both collaborate on a range of projects.

Under the deal WTFN will gain access to the TJTV library and the partners will explore joint opportunities in China and abroad. Their first co-production will be an unnamed pilot that is expected to be ready for MIPTV.

Over the past ten years the two groups have provided mutual support on various one-off projects and more recently co-produced a lifestyle series about wine.

WTFN Chief Executive Officer, Daryl Talbot said, “This is a major breakthrough for WTFN’s plans to build a truly international media company,” Mr Talbot said. “Tianjin TV is going to be a fantastic partner for us as we continue to focus on the production and distribution of programs to the international market.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mr Li Jiasen at TJTV for a long time now and I know that our respective companies share the same focus and commitment to producing high quality content.

“This deal will be a win-win for both organisations: WTFN will gain access to the Chinese market and we will help TJTV commercialise its content for the international market. There are also lots of ways we can help and learn from each other.”

Tianjin TV is located at purpose-built 23-storey Tianjin TV tower, 120 kilometres southeast of Beijing, with digital studios suitable for large scale production of news, documentaries, games shows and drama. It operates a satellite service with a footprint of 800 million people.

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