Airdate: Jack Irish: Dead Point

Guy Pearce returns to ABC1 in the third instalment of Jack Irish.

2014-03-29_0017Guy Pearce returns to our screens in the third instalment of Jack Irish, “Dead Point.”

Based on the award-winning thriller by author, Peter Temple, this also features Marta Dusseldorp, Barry Humphries, Aaron Pedersen, Deborah Mailman, Roy Billing, Shane Jacobson and Vince Colosimo.

This will air on Sunday April 13, the first day of the Easter non-ratings break, which should mean it won’t get smothered in the rush (it was originally due to air a week earlier).

Jack Irish (Guy Pearce) is a part-time lawyer, mug punter and finder of people who’d rather remain lost. When a high profile judge, Justice Loder (Barry Humphries), commissions him to locate a mysterious red book, Jack is thrown into a world of sexy club owners, dodgy drug dealers, bisexual blackmailers, and unhinged killers. Anyone who touches the red book turns up dead. Jack should follow his instinct and back away very slowly and very quietly. If only the judge wasn’t family.

Meanwhile, Harry Strang (Roy Billing) is having a racing world crisis. Cynthia (Deborah Mailman), his betting agent, is bashed and Harry can’t bring himself to even pick up a form guide. To restore his faith in the sport of kings, Jack and Cam (Aaron Pedersen) must hunt down a meth-fuelled thug with a ‘Saints’ tattoo and teach him some racing ‘etiquette’.

Jack’s ex, Linda (Marta Dusseldorp), is back in Melbourne and back on his radar. Will he finally be able to leave his bleak past behind and convince her to move in? What makes him think she even wants to?

Luckily for Jack, some things never change. The old guys at the Prince of Prussia haven’t shifted off their bar stools since the last show and continue to ramble on about their osteoporosis and the Golden Age of the Fitzroy Football Club. Det. Barry Tregear (Shane Jacobson) is still there for him too; leaking confidential police information, as well as providing unsolicited advice on love, marriage and dieting.

8:30pm Sunday April 13 on ABC1.

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