1. harrypotter1994

    Why would they make more awards when they trimmed this year down….makes sense to have a comedy category but doubt it would happen any time soon

  2. Best actor snub for Remy Hii. He should have been nominated over Chris Lilley’s one note performance. Nice to see Remy at least get a Best Newcomer nom.
    Great to see The Voice nominated but I agree that there should be a separate Comedy category as well as Comedy acting noms to try & encourage more comedy productions esp on Seven, Nine & Ten.

  3. im a fan of Housos, but am surprised that it was nominated for an Outstanding award considering it’s lowbrow humour. Nonetheless, am glad its nominated.

    Do agree that Outstanding Comedy return to the logies and not complete with other light-entertainment programs.

    Good to see Remy Hii and Better Man nominated too

  4. Secret Squirrel

    @SouthCoastSaint – “horse hockey”? Oh, you mean polo. Makes complete sense now.

    I was also going to comment on the lumping of comedy and actual light entertainment shows together but then I remembered that it’s the Logies and I don’t care.

  5. SouthCoastSaint

    Thanks for the clarification. That’s complete horse hockey. Voting with my remote that night (although being in a Regional area it doesn’t matter)

  6. I want to see Asher win the Most Outstanding, she deserves it. Yep @ Nicholas I agree.

    Like to see offspring win as well, but I don’t think it will.

    Nowhere boys was great! they should get the Logie.

  7. There was a time when there was so little comedy being produced that all you had to do was make a comedy and get nominated. Most of them were from the ABC and because each network had a limited number of nominations you’d get two from the ABC then some average shows from the other networks while other ABC shows didn’t get a mention. Times have changed. It should be the best shows no matter where they are shown. If the ABC has all the nominations for a comedy category then what’s wrong with that? The commercials can win the best product placement awards.

  8. I think the biggest snub is X factor. The show won most outstanding light ent. last year. the general consensus was that the 2013 season was the best yet, and doesn’t even get nominated? while The Voice season 2 was nowhere near the standard of season 1 yet it does get nominated.

    that said that light entertainment award is ridiculous, sitcoms, variety shows, news shows, morning shows, reality shows, and comedy. probably 90% of local content for the year all competing for the same award, yet ‘sports entertainment show’ has an award all to itself.

  9. Most Outstanding Actress is a really interesting catergory- all women seem truly deserving, my personal preference is for Asher, but Kat was also strong this year. Also, Danielle did a fantastic job as Bea so it could be very close.

  10. daveinprogress

    4 of the first 5 comments point to the Comedy issue.
    Will this be the year that Asher Keddie finally wins an Outstanding prize? She really deserves it.

  11. daveinprogress

    Some good selections there. Outstanding actor is a mixed bag, but Lachy should prevail easily. The Light Entertainment is just silly. There are four comedies and a singing comp. Just go back to a comedy category! Give the other entertainment shows their rightful place and even if there are only 3 comedies nominated, for the future of the industry it needs to be categorized.

  12. Most Outstanding Drama should go to Wentworth; Most Outstanding Actress should go to Asher Keddie (her portrayal of a grieving woman who gives birth to her child was brilliant, far superior than any other performance, plus she was totally snubbed at the AACTA Awards when Claudia Karvan won over her); shame Marta Dusseldorp was not nominated in the most outstanding actress category; Most Outstanding Actor should go to Chris Lilley.

  13. Now that the “light entertainment” category is filled with comedy programs, when will there be a separate comedy category? Variety and talk shows belong in light entertainment, not comedy.

  14. That’s bad that Mad as Hell did not get a nomination.
    And again, no regard still after 20 years for Jackie Woodburne and Alan Fletcher.

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