Ronan, RedFoo, Danni and Nat all returning to X Factor

All four judges will be returning to The X Factor this year.

2014-03-27_1104All four X Factor judges will be returning to the show this year.

Seven is yet to announce that Ronan, RedFoo, Danni and Natalie are all back, but it’s a done deal and good news for the Reality show.

This follows some speculation about whether some of the judges, such as Ronan Keating, would return for 2014.

Audition episodes are set to get underway in Sydney and Melbourne.


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  1. I thought I read somewhere that Redfoo wasn’t returning? Agree about the standing ovations, they are over-the-top and given to performances that are quite undeserving. Disappointing that Dami has sunk without a trace, Sony really hasn’t done much with her at all. To resurrect her profile, I predict she will show up on this year’s Dancing With The Stars.

  2. The 2013 edition was the best one so far.

    I’m fine with this panel, although a fresh face would’ve been nice, just as long as they cut out the standing ovations. They’ll stand for anything it means nothing anymore.

  3. Why Nat, she’s annoying and doesn’t really scream talented and original does she ?
    Redfoo on the other hand is quite cool,
    I do miss Mel B and her very broad personality, she brought the drama and scandal to this place. Made it worth watching ! 🙂

  4. Glad about 3 of the judges returning but wish they would have got rid of Nat she can be so over the top at times and stupid. Tina Arena would be much, much, better, RedFoo has his moments too but he is such a character it helps make the show. Really looking forward to its return

  5. Sony are thrilled with Samantha’s sales and her selling power she commands a crowd.
    Dami on the other hand has not been treated well at all her second single (a lacklasture cover of ‘Jolene’ didn’t manage to go furthur than no. 80 on the iTunes chart, and Sony were also disappointed with her winners singles sales.

  6. You’d have thought someone would’ve told Nat her top buttons were open before that photo was taken.

    And maybe mentioned to the hairstylist that giving Nat, Danni and Ronan the exact same hairstyle wasn’t such a good idea…

  7. I’m happy, I think redfoo took a while to find his feet and gel with the other judges, but by the end of the season the judges had a great entertaining chemistry. So the panel should hit the ground running this year.

    This time last year I was hoping Nat would be dumped, but she was great last year, perhaps the strongest judge.

  8. Wish Sony would do more with the winners!

    I don’t think Sammy Jade even released a proper album of original songs, and Dami is still yet to release her second single!! (Meanwhile Taylor is now enjoying success with his.)

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