Seven wins as ABC beats TEN every night of the week

Ratings: Just 1% splits Seven and Nine but TEN falls further behind the ABC.

2014-03-10_0019The fourth week of ratings has gone to Seven, but Nine was a close second with just a 1% share separating them.

However ABC extended its lead over TEN, with the public broadcaster beating the latter every night of the week. TEN’s primary channel could not manage double figures.

My Kitchen Rules again led the week with the first four places, as high as 1.7m viewers. Seven News, Sunday Night and Downton Abbey also scored for Seven.

The Block, 60 Minutes and Love Child were best for Nine. On ABC1 Doc Martin and Midsomer Murders performed well while TEN scraped in at #55 with TEN Eyewitness News and #56 Puberty Blues.

Queen Victoria’s Children (323,000) led SBS ONE.

Seven: 31.5
Nine: 30.5
ABC: 18.9
TEN: 14.1
SBS: 4.9

Primary channels:
Seven: 23.6
Nine: 23.4
ABC1: 13.7
TEN: 8.8
SBS ONE: 3.9

7mate: 4.1
GO!: 4.0
7TWO: 3.8
GEM: 3.1
ABC2: 2.9
ONE: 2.3
ABC News 24: 1.3
ABC3: 1.1
SBS 2: 0.9
NITV: 0.1

Nine won the demos 16-39, 18-39 and 25-54.

Seven won on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Nine took Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Seven ranked first in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth but Nine won Sydney and Melbourne.

ABC defeated TEN every night of the week, and Nine on Saturday.

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  1. Yeah, 10 have some great shows on at the moment, but they just don’t rate. The new show Secrets & Lies is really good, then there’s The Good Wife, Puberty Blues & Blue Bloods. Be interesting to see if we get the US version of Secrets & Lies & what channel it’s on and how it rates compared to our version. It would be a real pity if it turns up on 7 and rates really well. The guy in TV Week was right though, it was a bad move putting it up against Love Child, which is a real hit for 9, and Revenge on 7, which is very popular. Tuesday would have been better against Winners & Losers & the comedies on 9 or Thursday, there’s not much on Thursday night on 7 or 9.

  2. @MHA – you forgot to mention the other programs that are ratings turkeys … Like Have you been paying attention, the biggest loser & the project… the carpet bombing type advertising strategy to try to promote their programs that nobody watches and nobody wants to watch……what also gets me is how they are now playing their dreadful reality turkeys during the day or on a Friday night and have the gall to call it an encore – call it a repeat Ten, because thats what the rest of Australia call’s it …….

  3. Whilst every other news program in the country, and most of the world, had the same lead item on Saturday night, TEN led with an item on someone in Sydney being burned. Next was a similarly-lengthy piece on Women’s Day, then about 5 mins in was the major news of the day, the missing MH plane. Great prioritising TEN.
    Anything on TEN I want to watch – Good Wife, Secrets & Lies – (afraid that’s it) I PVR these days, or watch its “encore”. It just seems that there’s always something better on 7, 9 or ABC. Therein lies TEN’s problem, I think.

  4. @MHA: The competition from GO! and similar channels is rarely going to be premium content. It’s just a collection of random repeats and shows that didn’t make it on the main channel. Ten had a stronghold on the youth demo a few years ago, but they abandoned that in 2011 in favour of chasing an older demo, and in turn they lost The Voice, Big Brother and Hamish and Andy, which are key youth shows. So after they failed at chasing the older demo, they tried to win back the youth with The Shire and Being Lara Bingle. Now, if that was their best attempt at winning the 16-39 demographic, then it’s no wonder that they are in the mess that they are in now.

  5. Replacing the 6pm Simpsons with Modern Family has just alienated more of their audience.

    Bring back the 6pm Simpsons and bring back Neighbours to 6.30pm. It was a decent alternative for so many years.

  6. TEN is virtually on life support…*sigh*…I do not understand why…they do have good shows…but people are just not watching…me included…I always seem to be watching something else….kinda forget about TEN….and as I have an old browser…cannot get TenPlay….only one …can get all other channels catchup TV,,,.
    I do watch the news…when I remember to turn on in time and then tend to leave it on TEN for a few hours…but prefered when The Simpson were on at 6PM…not mad about the other show.

  7. The people whom advertisers want are watching news, MKR and The Block followed by DA, Revenge, W&L, The Blacklist, Fat Tony, Love Child, TBBT and Insiders and have neither the time nor inclination to bother with what is on Ten.

    It’s doesn’t really matter what Ten has on. Though what to do have isn’t great, but they don’t have the talent or money to make anything better and there is nothing for them to acquire. They also have the ABC with $1b p.a. in regular funding plus extras attacking them from the other side.

  8. Ten does need to change the way they structure the programming. Put SYTYCDA on Eleven and move TBL to One. They were underperforming shows.
    With the commonwealth Games in Glasgow 4 1/2 months away, Ten really needs to sort out with the programming. Get rid of The Simpsons on Saturday nights and replace it with modern family.
    Meanwhile Nine has fantastic nos like Love Child and FTAC.

  9. The problem with TEN is The Simpsons. People on this site might pooh-pooh my views on this subject but there is little doubt that the show is acting like a lead weight and tainting the whole network. But it goes deeper than that. The whole TEN name and corporate image is now so damaged that I would suggest that nothing short of a new name for the main channel and the removal of The Simpsons from all of its channels is the only way they can start to fight back.

    1. No the problem is not one show at 6pm on Saturday night, repeated on ELEVEN. If you think this is what stops people from tuning in to Secrets and Lies at 8:30 on a Monday night then you need to look further into management, commissioning, competition and branding.

  10. Even Nine’s Go! beat TEN’s main channel on Friday night in Brisbane this past week. Therein lies TEN’s problem. The former TEN core audience has fragmented across the multi-channels of other networks with similar youth type demographics. TEN seemingly have no clue on what to do, spending more time and energy on creating spin instead of acquiring and producing programs people want to watch
    The problem with TEN is that most of the programming that is dished up stinks. When will they get the message that next to no-one wants to watch So You Can Think You Can Dance? Just because it is made by a production company with Murdoch family connections does not mean it is good or works? Give up on it TEN and all the turkeys like The Bachelor etc.

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