Can The Living Room ever topple Better Homes at the Logies?

2014-04-16_1218Dr. Chris Brown is hopeful, but not necessarily brash, about The Living Room‘s chances at toppling Better Homes and Gardens at the Logie Awards.

Since 2008 Seven’s show has an unbeaten run in the Lifestyle category. It still outranks TEN’s show in the ratings, which puts The Living Room as an outside chance.

Yet in recent weeks The Living Room has been one of TEN’s better performers.

“We were nominated last year but got pipped by the Better Homes team. So we’ll see how we go this year. A year on it feels like more people are switching on and giving us a go,” says Brown.

“It feels like a dinner party for use every Friday night. Hopefully people enjoy the fact that we all get along and that we’re bringing something new to the lifestyle genre. It’s information but it’s done in a really fun way.”

TEN will even schedule a special Wednesday night edition of the show in coming weeks.

Of course, Selling Houses Australia, Domestic Blitz: The Block to the Rescue and Embarrassing Bodies Down Under will also be hoping for a Logies upset.

Meanwhile Brown’s television commitments have him running a punishing schedule.

“I don’t really have a day off until about July at the moment. With Bondi Vet, The Living Room and a bit of The Project thrown in, it’s flat chat at the moment,” he recently told TV Tonight.

“I feel like I’m on some sort of surfing safari at the moment. I’ve been in Java, Bell’s Beach and now off to Hawaii, but it’s all for work, which has been brilliant.”


  1. delicate_flower74

    I gave up watching BHAG when they showed us how to make a purse out of a milk carton “because who likes having to buy purses?”. I’m sure it was a sturdy structure and held together on our big night out but really? And what could I possibly wear to compliment my milk carton purse?

  2. The Living Room is the perfect show for a Friday evening ‘wind-down’. It’s well produced, has great talent and excellent/relevant content.

  3. I vote for TLR too – a lovely, relaxing show for a Friday night, with a great, funny host in Amanda. I could do without Miguel though – he may be funny but I can barely understand a word he says, an goes way over top in the exuberance factor.

    I guess Chris Brown doesn’t have time to be a vet any more, except when the camera is on him. Interesting how people’s lives can change totally with the introduction of a camera, as Chris’s has. He’s a great addition to any show.

  4. timmydownawell

    I love The Living Room. Amanda isn’t afraid to take the piss with double entedres and comebacks like ther following:

    Chris: What is the number one cause of dogs vomiting?
    Amanda: Do they watch this show?


  5. I hope the living room wins this year! You won’t find a group of hosts anywhere on tv that get along so well and connect so well with it’s audience, I feel like they could be my extended family.

  6. BHAG is still giving us a format from a decade ago which is based on the old Burke’s Backyard.

    The show desperately needs a renovation/makeover.

  7. The NRL Footy Show managed to win the Logie over the AFL Footy Show year after year, despite not rating anywhere near as well. So The Living Room is in with a chance.

  8. thedirtydigger

    I think better homes has basically got tired and has run out of ideas and the energy is much too forced….that said the living roomi hosts are far too smug for me and their stories are paper thin themselves…
    9 needs to get back to a place where it ruled the lifestyle roost with something completely fresh …whats stopping them??? People watch these shows and you can run them all year round. ..

  9. BH&G has gotten lazy lately.Same thing week after week. Especially when they show an older episode on the weekend & you have recycled ideas presented as new segments.
    TLR room doesn’t talk down to the audience either.
    The chemistry between the hosts is great too.

  10. At first I found the live audience and lounge setting kinda strange but after a few views it seems very natural. Great selection of hosts which really define the show.

  11. The living room is much better than boring homes and gardens but sadly seven will rig it so the boring homes and gardens win over the much better the living room

  12. harrypotter1994

    Agree with @Josh777. I have watched BHAG in the past and since the Living Room, I can’t go back. Just have totally different feels.

    Hopefully one day they will get the logie!

  13. Love this show hoping it beats BH, Amanda is such a great funny host love her work it’s a great team too the show has more energy and just more fun to watch.

  14. Really hope so – so enjoy my weekly fix of TLR on a Friday night.
    So much more fun and a breath of fresh air compared to tired, stale old BHAG.

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