Mork & Mindy reunite for The Crazy Ones

Video: 3 decades after they first appeared in a sitcom, Robin Williams & Pam Dawber are back together.

“It’s been what? 32 years? I remember there were three cameras and they shot on film!” joked Robin Williams.

Yes more than three decades Williams and Pam Dawber debuted as Mork and Mindy the pair are reuniting for an upcoming episode of The Crazy Ones.

Mork & Mindy aired from 1978 until 1982, launching a Hollywood career for Williams.

Here the pair chat to E.T.

The Crazy Ones airs on FOX8.

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  1. I’m really enjoying The Crazy Ones, it’s a really fresh comedy and there seems to be great chemistry between Williams and Geller. The rest of the cast are great too.

    I was a big Mork and Mindy fan, so looking forward to seeing Pam on the show.

  2. Saw her on Craig Ferguson the other night and she doesn’t seemed to have aged much since M&M
    Now we just need her to pop up as a love interest or old flame of Gibbs in NCIS 😉

  3. I’ve been absolutely loving this series- it really offers something different (oh and no laughing tracks! Finally!). The ensemble gels so well together- it’s not just the Robin Williams show anymore, so hoping for a second season and beyond.

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