My Kitchen Rules roasts Logies in the ratings

Ratings: Never mind the acceptance speeches, viewers flocked to Seven's cooking show instead.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 9.40.40 am.jpgThe Logies may have had more stars than heaven last night but it was My Kitchen Rules that pulled in the viewers last night in the run up to its Grand Final.

Seven’s reality show drew a whopping 1.91m viewers last night, as Western Australia’s Chloe and Kelly claimed their spot in Tuesday night’s grand final, defeating Queensland surfer dads Paul and Blair.

The best the Logies could manage was for its red carpet arrivals at 974,000 viewers.

The average for the ceremony, lasting nearly 3.5 hours was 962,000 but even that was not enough to give Nine the lead on the evening share. Seven won that convincingly too.

Seven’s network share was 36.1% then Nine 30.1%, TEN 14.9%, ABC 14.6% and SBS 4.5%.

Next for Seven were Seven News (1.38m), Sunday Night (1.25m) and Downton Abbey (917,000).

Best for Nine was Nine News (1.2m), 60 Minutes (1.16m) and the Logies (974,000 / 962,000).

TEN’s Modern Family “Australia” episode attracted one of the network’s biggest audiences all year at 1.05m viewers., followed by the 8pm episode (644,000) and Angela Bishop’s behind the scenes edition (642,000).  The Millers premiered to 611,000 / 541,000, Elementary was 464,000 and TEN Eyewitness News was 449,000.

ABC News (765,000) was best for ABC1 then Restoration Home (589,000), Parer’s War (522,000) and Midsomer Murders (377,000).

On SBS ONE it was Life and Death in Herculaneum (280,000), Life on Us (182,000 and SBS World News (158,000).

ABC2’s Humf topped multichannels at 245,000 viewers.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 27 April 2014

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  1. Is TV week still being printed says Jason with tongue surely in cheek? If anyone had any doubt, this was cleared up when Dickie Wilkins held up a copy at the end of the show at the lecturn. Ah yes. The Logies. Where tack meets tragic.

  2. Pretty good for TEN, they haven’t hit the million mark in ages. and came third on a Sunday night in both primary and as a whole (also been quite a while)

    MF strong in the demos too, don’t think it will last though.

  3. Gee the Logie haters are all out today. See you next year.
    The Aussie ep of Modern Family would have been much better without the NZ accent of Rhys Darby as Fergus. It was jarring. As I was only watching a small part of the episode was it explained that he was a New Zealander or was he meant to be an Australian?

  4. I think 9 wanted to show off all there promos the time the Logies was on because they knew that people that normally stay loyal with one channel might want to watch the logies (like me). They even had a promo already for a show coming next year.

  5. The numbers for later in the evening were fairly small considering the DA Christmas special had almost 2m as a lead-in and The Logies were on.
    There will probably be a quite a few time-shifters for DA given the late finish.

    I had a look at Parer’s War, it wasn’t particularly well written or acted. Next week the ABC is going back to competing against 72 with George Gently and repeats of Luther.

  6. I really enjoyed watching the Logies, even with some woeful audio problems. I’m surprised to see complaints from people here and on other forums who a) don’t realise that with any live event there’s a limited time frame to work within, or b) didn’t even watch it. And irrespective of whether or not it rated, All of the networks are making the most of the publicity it’s generated today. And good on ’em!

  7. Great work TEN. I won’t hold my breath for a repeat of this performance next week let alone tonight.

    Also, my first post on TV Tonight. love the site david and have loved all the comments over the years. now I will have my say. lol

  8. No surprise at MKR’s result last night but after the result last night i am done watching after what went down last night and if they win the series then i am boycotting it in 2015. Modern Family got a bump but TEN should have aired it away from last night. It could have done much better. Glad Downton did well last night. The finale was great and loved the ending. The logies well i was keeping a close eye all night but the Gold result was a farce. Not because its a Channel Nine personality or anything but the fact its Scott Cam!!! There is no way he should have ever won Gold but the Gold logie over the past few years has turned into a farce. Karl, then Hamish now Scott. Mark my words Richard Wilkins will probably be next.

  9. @Evan43, agreed, the Logies ceremony resembles a drunken night at an RSL for sure, it always has.

    Back in its day, the alcohol played a large part in why people watched, waiting for the more inebriated ‘stars’ to drop some F bombs and telling the audience and the industry what they really think. Because of that, the program has not been screened live for many years and has lost its edge and appeal to many viewers.

    And where was Bert? It was a rather dull and boring presentation all-up. It only took me around 45 mins to watch on my PVR skipping all the dross and extended Nine promo ads. Time it was killed off.

  10. MKR’s result last night was not a surprise. Won’t watch this episode now. Just another example of the nice guys finishing last.

    The Logies is supposed to be an industry night. I have only seen the red carpet and the start but the intense channel nine focus about it is a turn off.

  11. I agree Modern Family in Australia was a mess. It seemed like a randomly cobbled together number of scenes with no real storyline and horrendous cliches. Usually the editing and storylines are really tight and tie-in together well but this was all over the place.
    It was more like a dated tourism ad than a sitcom but perhaps that was the point?
    The final scene onboard the Qantas A380 was completely pointless and nothing more than an ad for Qantas’s product!

  12. Is “TV Week” still being printed? Oh yeah, I remember now. That’s the mag that you pickup when in the queue at Woolies and then put it back when you finally get to the checkout chick.
    Nine can’t win the night even with the Logies. Used to be a “must watch” in our house. Now a “don’t watch”.
    Convo. on the bus. “Who won the Gold Logie?”. “That bloke on The Block, Scott something”. “Was he on this year or last year?”.

  13. The arrivals has often rated better than the show itself, but i can’t recall when neither could crack the magic million. Strange that the Modern family behind the scenes rated relatively poorly but the episode attracted some 400,000 more viewers. For me, ‘Australia’ was a mess; all over the shop storyline wise and locations; made no sense. The 2nd episode was much better. The Millers had its moments, all of them with Margo Martindale; she was hilarious.

  14. Time to do the humane thing and kill the Logies.

    When the frocks get more eyeballs than the awards; when amateur cooks get more eyeballs than the awards; then television’s “night of nights” is a lame duck.

    If “the industry” was serious about an awards show, it would throw its weight behind the AACTAs.

  15. Parer’s War deserved a bigger audience than 500,000. Thumbs down to the ABC for putting it on Sunday night up against such stiff competition.

    As for the Logies, I haven’t watched it in years, and I am not surprised that it rated so poorly this time. Surely Australia is now grown up enough to produce a classy awards show that doesn’t resemble a tacky drunken night in an RSL club.

    Seven surely will get something close to 3 million viewers for the MKR finale on Tuesday night.

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