Network, the real “Mad as Hell”

2014-04-17_1134Now that Mad as Hell has wrapped its season I thought it would be worth mentioning that the 1976 film Network, in which Peter Finch raved that he was as “mad as hell” about the state of television will air this Sunday night on GEM.

A classic film if you have never seen it, starring(Faye Dunaway, William Holden and Peter Finch.

A TV network cynically exploits a deranged ex-TV anchor’s ravings and revelations about the media for their own profit.

11:30pm GEM Sunday April 20th.


  1. Thanks for the heads up. I have just programmed my PVR to record it. It was released a bit before my time, but have heard only positive things about it. Might watch it before tomorrows AFL game.

  2. Noooo. Don’t give them ideas for the “news”. Sadie the Soothsayer, militant group videos-to-order, etc.
    Hang on, that’s where the morning shows got the horoscopes/fortune telling quacks idea. Been so long since I watched them I don’t know if they still have them. 11:30pm is a bit late, considering how GEM is the home of old 4:3 b&w unknowns in earlier timeslots.

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