Airdate: Trigger Point

ABC will air a two part documentary examining the use of deadly force by police, presented by journalist John Silvester.

2014-05-20_2359ABC will air a two part documentary examining the use of deadly force by police and the massive fallout that occurs when one human being takes the life of another in the course of doing their job.

Trigger Point is presented by journalist and author John Silvester and airs across two Sunday nights in June.

“There have been many stories about the terrible grief caused to family and friends of victims when police choose to shoot. What has not been shown is what happens to police who kill. In many cases, that split second decision to fire changes them forever.” – John Silvester

Episode 1 focuses on an episode of violent social history in Australia – the 1980s and 90s when police in Victoria went to war against violent criminals. It features interviews with members who served in the Armed Robbery and Major Crime Squads during those years; they have never spoken publicly about the killings before.

Episode 2 documents the public and judicial response to the infamous Walsh Street killings, in which two young police constables were ambushed and gunned down in cold blood. The killings sparked changes to police operational training and dramatically reduced the number of police shootings. It also examines one of the most controversial police shootings in recent history, that of 15-year-old Tyler Cassidy. For the first time, two of the officers who had fired on the teenager speak frankly about the events of that tragic day in 2008.

It airs Sunday 1 and 8 June at 9.30pm on ABC1.

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