House Rules launch improves on 2013 premiere

Ratings: At 1.18m Seven's new reality show may not match MKR, but it begins better than last year.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 9.55.26 am.jpgWithout its cooking show, Seven’s grip on the ratings is now susceptible to change, but it had a window of opportunity last night without Reality competition as it premiered House Rules.

The show pulled 1.18m viewers, considerably lower than MKR but much improved from its 2013 premiere of 803,000 when it had to recover from Celebrity Splash. Next week it faces tougher competition.

Seven network won the night with 32.9% then Nine 29.9%, ABC 17.4%, TEN 15.5% and SBS 4.3%.

Seven News topped the night for Seven at 1.22m / 1.12m then House Rules (1.18m), Home and Away (974,000), The Blacklist (871,000), Million Dollar Minute (544,000). Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD was 353,000.

The Big Bang Theory (1.18m / 1.07m / 966,000) was best for Nine then Nine News (1.06m / 958,000), A Current Affair (919,000), Mom (664,000), Hot Seat (620,000) and Movie: The Hangover (401,000).

ABC News (896,000) led ABC1 followed by 7:30 (826,000), QI (747,000), The Agony of Modern Manners (438,000), Spicks and Specks (421,000). The Kumars was 249,000.

TEN Eyewitness News (577,000) was best for TEN then Puberty Blues (529,000), The Project (511,000 / 320,000) and The Living Room (433,000). The Good Wife was 306,000.

On SBS ONE it was Pilgrimage with Simon Reeve (209,000), One Born Every Minute (170,000), SBS World News (139,000) and The Bridge (102,000).

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom again topped multichannels at 289,000.

Sunrise: 359,000
Today: 296,000
ABC News Breakfast: 62,000 / 43,000
Wake Up: 39,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 30 April 2014

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  1. Surely they could’ve organised automatic cars for house rules contestants. Too much time spent on supposed drama of two contestants not being able to drive manual and having to be taught. This is a building show not a driving show. Stuff like that is a turn off. Didn’t mind the rest so may watch the odd episode. Plus7 needs to improve though. Kept freezing towards the end of the episode, not the first time its happened.

    Just started watching the living room. Not a show I would generally watch but its quite good viewing.

  2. Engine003 – I think your predictions are bang on.

    If you like the Good Wife now- wait until you see what happens towards the end of the season, There’s an absolute bombshell moment.

  3. Puberty Blues is one of my favourite shows hope they make a third season.Also watched the final episode last night,for some reason it is already available on DVD

  4. Looks like 7 will have a ratings decline once ‘the voice’ premiers. Hopefully Houe rules can maintain its current ratings although 7 will have to wait for the x factor to commence to get back to being the premier tv channel.

  5. Yes, David, Ed Oxenbould is exceptional as little David.
    Expecting to see big things from this young actor in the future.
    Is he by any chance related to Ben Oxenbould, the Aus actor and one time stand up comedian?

  6. TVTim” Was a top episode of Puberty Blues last night!! Really hoping it gets a Season 3 but I think that is looking doubtful… I couldnt help but notice how much bigger Debbies breasts are compare to the first season, they were right in my face last night!”

    Agree about Deb’s boobs – you couldn’t help but notice them!!
    Yes, PB was brilliant as usual .
    So many great one liners and moments throughout
    A couple of standouts were Woody’s comment ” What ! !s Debbie dead?” when he found Sue on his doorstep and poor young David’s horror at seeing Cheryl, the older woman of his dreams , in a not so angelic position.
    His rose coloured glassed were well and truly smashed to bits in that moment!
    Amazing acting from Charlotte Best with Cheryl’s raw anguish and shame when when she realised she had lost the last bit of self respect she had left ,as well as shattering David’s…

  7. As usual Pubes was brilliant last night from pashing with pop rocks, the angst, beautifully drawn characters and brilliant lines….”I’ve loved her since year 7″. Probably not the most PC thing for a teacher to say about his student, even if he is marrying her.

    Best drama on television.

  8. i thought house rules was going to go well. It was trending on twitter with lots of people talking about it while watching.

    I agree the good wife is just getting better and better. I love how the 2 law firms keep going up against each other and how Alicia used tactics to put Will off. Its just better now the have gone out on there own.

  9. I see the TEN cheer squad are out in force.

    That publicity shot of Ms Griggs makes her barely recognisable. Note to Seven’s publicity department: she’s gorgeous as she is, leave the photo editing software alone.

  10. Next week’s Puberty Blues was promoted as the ‘finale’, not ‘season finale’ which sounds ominous. What a shame if such a brilliantly written, acted and filmed show can only sustain two seasons.

  11. Was a top episode of Puberty Blues last night!! Really hoping it gets a Season 3 but I think that is looking doubtful… I couldnt help but notice how much bigger Debbies breasts are compare to the first season, they were right in my face last night!

  12. I enjoyed House Rules, and hope that the ratings pick up as it goes along. Lloyd, the contestant from Townsville is the most attractive contestant ever in a reality show 🙂

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