Million dollar miss -but Hot Seat winner nets $100k

hst1.jpgNobody won $1M on afternoon television today, despite two game shows teasing viewers with mega-jackpot prizes today.

Lisa Paton, 38, missed out on the big bucks on Seven’s Million Dollar Minute after turning down $500,000 on Monday after failing to answer three of the five questions correctly.

But she remains in the game for a second shot. If she fails to defeat two new opponents tomorrow she will leave with the ‘safety net’ jackpot of $75,000 plus $2,000 safe money.

Meanwhile over on Nine’s Hot Seat Alex also missed the $1M prize, but scored $100,000 after successfully guessing the middle name of Nelson Mandela.

He had managed to fluke his way through multiple questions for which he conceded he didn’t know the answers.

Only three people have ever won $1,000,000 cash on Australian television: Trevor Butler on Big Brother in 2004, and Rob “Coach” Fulton and Martin Flood, both on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? in 2005.

Meanwhile Lisa Paton attempts to do it all over again tomorrow.

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  1. I was watching Hot Seat last night and I thought it was another repeat as the skintones had that telltale red tinge which usually signifies that the episode is a repeat. I remember at one stage they had to put subtitles such as “when this episode was recorded” when questions referred to people who had passed on and events that had been superseded with other information.

  2. The increase to 830 odd thousand national viewers for MDM last night (likely to be much more when timeshifted figures come in, since a lot of people are still getting home from work at 5:30 – 6:00) would suggest that a $1 million winner does not need to be divulged before-hand. The chance of the big prize going off is simply enough for people to tune in.

    The lady getting to have a 2nd go at it is almost a perfect scenario for channel 7, since if people didn’t hear about the attempt the 1st time around, they may have over the following 23 hours.

  3. In all honesty what are the chances of guessing 6 answers in a row? he had no idea and took 6 stab in the dark chances? hmm whats this guys full name?

  4. I was in the audience when Rob “Coach” Fulton won the million! He had to pick which TV show premiered first & he chose Bewitched then yeah, streamers & cheering all around!

  5. Is it wrong to assume that if there was a million dollar win on any of these shows that it would be explicitly advertised as such? I’m certain that they marketed the first $1mil winner on Millionaire in the lead up to it airing. It’s more fun if you don’t know, but I can’t imagine the execs would forego higher audience figures by omitting something that would easily draw in more viewers.

  6. can anyone confirm if they have been showing quite a few repeats of Hot Seat in the last month? i’m pretty sure i remember some of the questions being on before. There also seemed to be more episodes where people have won $20,000 plus prizes too, maybe they saved up those episodes to show to compete against the revamped Million Dollar Minute?

    • TVAddict: Not sure, but I recall hearing some Friday episodes had been repeats.
      Ben M: In my experience Nine has teased but never fully divulged, including sending out Press Release info at 6pm. It would be hard to resist not using a win for marketing, but I don’t recall them crossing that line.

  7. Great opportunities on both shows to rake in the big dollars, so long as you live in or around Melbourne. Hot Seat has the occasional interstate contestant, Minute only has contestants who live locally.

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