ABC outranked 10 every night in first week of summer

A tough week for Reality shows. Seven pips Nine for first week of non-ratings.

Last week was the first week of summer, where as usual select first run content was propped up by a lot of reruns.

But while 10 premiered a second season of The Bachelors in 2023, it struggled to make inroads, premiering to 224,000 metro viewers overnight.

As a result, 10 spent the week behind ABC in fourth place every night of the week. It wasn’t the only reality show to struggle, with Seven’s Big Brother wrapping at just 152,000 metro.

While Nine led in primary share, Seven pipped them for the week thanks to its multichannel strength.

A 1% Club repeat was the top entertainment show for the week at 543,000, just ahead of a Travel Guides compilation at 533,000.

Seven: 28.8
Nine: 28.5
ABC: 19.6
10: 14.3
SBS: 8.7

Primary channel:
Nine: 19.1
Seven: 18.5
ABC: 14.2
10: 7.5
ABC: 4.1

7TWO: 3.8
9GEM: 3.7
7mate: 3.5
10 BOLD: 3.1
10 Peach: 3.0
ABC Kids TV Plus: 2.8
9GO!: 2.2
ABC News: 2.1
9Life: 2.0
9RUSH: 1.6
SBS Food: 1.5
SBS World Movies: 1.1
Nickelodeon: 0.7
ABC ME / NITV: 0.5
SBS World Watch: 0.0

Nine led 16 – 39 and 25 – 54 demos.

Nine won Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Seven led Monday, Friday & Saturday.

Seven led in Sydney, Adelaide & Perth. Nine won Melbourne & Brisbane.

Infogram supplied by Nine:

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  1. Does anyone recall that song from The Late Show poking fun at the ABC, “We’re Still Number Four!”? Perhaps Working Dog would like to do a new version for channel 10! 😉

  2. At this point, it wouldn’t take much for SBS to overtake 10 for a ratings year. I know it’s a joke that audiences always think they could program a TV network despite how hard it is, but 10 are so bad the audience could honestly do it better than them.

  3. ABC: 14.2
    10: 7.5
    That’s abysmal 10. Shifting the News from 6pm (where it once did better 7 & 9) was not smart. Whatever new ‘game show’ is introduced in the 5-7pm area will lose out to the News and The Chase. Perhaps the new regime should look in the 1972 archives to see what their predecessors did to save the sinking ship. Old game shows and more of the same ‘reality’ rubbish won’t cut it.

  4. Ten really need to review their early evening line up. I know they are looking at new games shows but l worry this won’t see much change. Bold and Peach are looking stale with repeats of repeats. Nickeloden name change seems to have had little to no affect on the station ratings.

  5. It’s not the same old 10 anymore. The old 10 would try new things, but at the very least not assume something is a “safe” investment, turning a blind eye to 3 years of declines. (Bachelor)

    They only have themselves to blame. You can tell these are local decisions too, not ParamountGlobal calls.

    1. Ten’s/Paramount’s Beverley McGarvey has been at the helm for a while and still hasn’t made inroads. It is time for a change or is the programming cupboard so bare and lack of $$ for new investment the issue or both?

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