Offspring season premiere on tenplay preview

TEN is offering the season premiere of Offspring on tenplay, limited to the first 20,000 views.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 1.49.08 pm.jpgTEN is offering the season premiere of Offspring to viewers on its catch-up service tenplay, tomorrow, ahead of the season 5 premiere next week.

But it will only be available to 48 hours, or for the first 20,000 views.

TEN Head of Drama, Rick Maier, said: “Last year left us asking how could Nina ever recover from losing Patrick. Six months later, and the answers come in surprising ways as the Proudmans rally – as only they know how.

“This year Offspring manages to achieve the seemingly impossible: if television can ever make us question the big stuff while remaining life-affirming, crazy and joyful, then this is the series to do it. Baby steps Nina, baby steps.”

It airs on TEN, Wednesday, May 14, at 8.30pm and on tenplay thereafter.

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  1. @tvf is was only a one click Facebook login. I don’t see the problem for an exclusive first episode. I hate Facebook but now just use it for login purposes like this.

    Good solid first episode for me. I was worrying with the ads they might rush through with Nina’s love life but happy how it turned out. Good mix of humour and enough sadness makes me think this season is in good hands.

  2. I just watched the first episode, and it was Outstanding!!! Yes there are some sad moments, but a lot of laughter as well. Quite a few surprises as well.

    I hope people will give this season a chance. Can’t wait to watch it with the rest of my family. The reason we all watch it, is because the show is about family. Well done to the writers, I thought it was going to be crap because they killed of Patrick, but they proved me wrong.

  3. Offspring premier is only available if your willing to sign up to a ten account or already have one. For a network that is struggling to get viewers barriers like this are offputting. The last thing I want is another account on another website and another password to remember. I am an offspring fan so I will wait for the premier next week but if it was a show I wasn’t that interested in then I wouldn’t bother giving it a try. For example I had no interest in watching lovechild on nine but saw the preview on jump in and thought I would give it a try and liked it so ended up watching the whole series.

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