Reality rules Sunday

Ratings: Reality scored well on Sunday for Nine, Seven and TEN, with Nine taking the night.

tvo3-bat-day3-9031.jpgReality TV shows performed well for Nine, Seven and TEN last night. While there was crossover in timeslots, it goes against the usual perception that there is only enough room for two big shows on the same night.

Dramas from 8:30 tracked lower, suggesting there may be some timeshifting of Reality shows going on.

Nine network won the night with a share of 33.0% then Seven 26.3%, TEN 19.95, ABC 16.1% and SBS 4.6%.

The Voice was #1 with 1.87m for Nine then 60 Minutes (1.29m), Nine News (1.26m), The Mentalist (612,000) and Person of Interest (380,000).

Seven News (1.39m) was best for Seven then House Rules (1.26m), Sunday Night (971,000), A Place to Call Home (912,000) and Mr. Selfridge (344,000).

MasterChef (948,000) did well for TEN as did Modern Family (808,000 / 699,000). They helped give TEN their best 25-54 audience so far this survey. Next were TEN Eyewitness News (538,000), Elementary (514,000) and the season final for Bondi Rescue (394,000) -could that have been the last one ever?

ABC News (784,000) topped ABC1 followed by Inspector George Gently (761,000), Restoration Home (639,000) and Compass (412,000).

On SBS ONE it was Sacred Wonders of Britain (270,000), SBS World News (216,000) and The Trials of Muhammad Ali (185,000).

The Big Bang Theory bested multichannels at 275,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 25 May 2014.

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  1. Masterchef is doing significantly better. Was rating 500k on tough nights, better when there was less on.

    Having a block of couple of hours of stuff that people want to watch makes a big difference. If you only have one show it gets timeshifted or skipped quite often. Ten’s share up to 15/20%.

  2. Seven’s Sunday Night was amazing !

    Dami Im + Dani in North Korea and partying Gundam style in South Korea – simply amazing !!!

    UFC with kiddies going one on one in cage fights,
    Lot’s of blood and big hits in the Men’s World heavy weight championship and sexy Women fighting in UFC -one of the best Sunday Night pieces !

    Great work to the Sunday night team.

  3. Andeh,
    The comparable Sunday in Season 5 did 800k so last nights episode is up 148k – that said the dates are a little off as Masterchef started in June not May last year.

    Wiki has a breakdown of each episodes figures for Season 5 and so far MC is up.
    Because I’m a nerd the average across the 15 episodes year to year 2014 is up around 145,000 viewers on average across the 15 episodes when compared to 2013.

  4. My EPG had Ch9 news from 6:00-8:15pm. Glad i wasn’t into the Voice anyway.

    I timeshift all my dramas to avoid the drama of watching it later than they dictate!

    Good to see APTCH lift over 900k

  5. Looking at 10’s results it’s amazing how one popular show can remind people to watch Modern Family. Admittedly it was a special episode but if 10 can get one or two decent shows up it might not take them as long to get back as I thought.

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