Records tumble as Seven wins ratings week

Ratings: Seven sets a new record for Total People with its highest network share, outside Olympics, in at least 10 years.

Bree May and Jessica Liebich.jpgIf ever there was a sign the ratings race was back on, just look to last week’s results.

Seven won the week, setting a new record for Total Individuals and People 25-54 with its highest network share, outside Summer and Olympics, in at least 10 years.

Seven: 34.6
Nine: 28.3
ABC: 17.4
TEN: 14.9
SBS: 4.8

My Kitchen Rules: The Winner Announced topped the week at 2.59m viewers, becoming the year’s biggest audience, and the show snaring the first #4 places. Other Seven performers were Seven News (Sun: 1.37m), Sunday Night (1.23m), House Rules (1.18m) and Home and Away (1.02m).

The Big Bang Theory was best for Nine at 1.27m viewers. Other titles included Nine News (Sun: 1.2m), Logie Awards (Arrivals: 973,000 / Awards 962,000) and A Current Affair (946,000).

Death in Paradise topped ABC1 at 1.06m followed by ABC News (871,000) and Call the Midwife (903,000). The Modern Family “Australia” episode hit 1.05m for TEN. Other brands were TEN Eyewitness News (605,000) and The Millers (594,000). A repeat of French Food Safari was best for SBS ONE at 349,000.

Primary channel:
Seven: 26.7
Nine: 20.2
ABC1: 12.6
TEN: 9.6
SBS ONE: 3.8

On Saturday night GO! hit 9%, pipping TEN’s primary channel which sat at 8%.

GO!: 4.6
7mate: 4.2
7TWO: 3.7
GEM: 3.5
ABC2: 2.8
ONE: 2.6
ABC News 24: 1.1
ABC3: 0.9
SBS 2: 0.9
NITV: 0.1

Seven won  key demos 16-39, 18-49 and 35-54, plus every night of the week. ABC bettered TEN every night except Sunday.

Seven took 4 cities but Nine just snared Sydney.

Now that MKR has departed and The Voice is in play, this week the contest will be a lot closer.

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  1. i guess this means more series of MKR for the next few years at least, ugh! i watched 2012 & 13, but mostly in the background while doing other stuff. This year i was a bit over it, looked to me like the worst series ever, boring contestants, episodes too long with too many ads etc.

    I am glad to see 7 as the #1 network though, i think its well deserved, but i can see signs already they are starting to abuse that power, starting shows late etc, hope they don’t get as bad as nine!

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