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    I do not like Sarah Ferguson’s interview style. She constantly interrupts the guest and her questions are more like an interrogation. She’s obviously an ABC leftie in keeping with the rest of the tax payer funded station but she should display more of a neutral approach in her political interviews. She’s aggressive toward the coalition and insipid toward the labor and greens. Also she had an opportunity to expose the total lack of credibility of the incoming senators of the PUP when speaking to the Tasmanian senator to be and let this poor excuse for Australian democracy off the hook.

  2. Bogan Hunters did better than I thought it would get. Its ads (and Paul Fenech’s loyal fans) helped it win the night and get a big number for 7mate. Well done for getting the 2nd best numbers for the channel ever.

    The budget did well for the ABC too.

  3. Interesting Studio 10s numbers have dropped. I’ve been watching the show this morning and don’t think much of Kristina Keneally. She doesn’t have the class and polish of Ita and doesn’t seem to fit into the program well, contributing little to discussions.

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