The Feed: ‘Taboo week’

2014-05-24_2344The Feed has a themed Taboo Week of shows from tomorrow, touching upon housewife escorts, gay surfers, fat activists and child-free-by-choicers, “stories that others aren’t brave enough to touch.”

Monday 26 May
Fat Pride – Meet the Aussie activists pushing for “being fat” to be accepted. Also, hear from a US expert that says you can be healthy at any weight.

Past taboos – Host Marc Fennell lifts the lid on things that were once banned, forbidden and frowned upon – but are now just common place.

Taboo or not Taboo – Mentioning the name ‘Macbeth’ in a theatre is considered taboo by actors, with some claiming it has even caused death. The reasons for this theatrical unmentionable are as twisted as the plot of the play itself.

Tuesday 27 May
Gay Surfers – Meet three surfers who have all recently come out in a sub culture where they say homosexuality is still a taboo.

In God We Mistrust – What happens when a pastor with decades of experience decides God is a lie?

Master and Slave – The Feed takes a look at a master and slave relationship headed by the domineering ‘Master Joe’.

Wednesday 28 May
Male gigolos – A gigolo reveals all about his taboo job, plus hear from the housewives that run a male escort service.

Impressions of the lost – How do people deal with the loss of an unborn baby?

Thursday 29 May
You’re married! Why aren’t you pregnant!? – Meet the couples who are part of the “child free by choice” movement.

Letting the elderly die – It’s getting expensive to keep the very elderly alive and some are arguing that their medical care isn’t really worth the investment.

Sexualisation of children in the media – Images of children used in the media are becoming increasingly sexualised. But the tween market continues to grow.

Monday 26 May to Thursday 29 May at 7.30pm on SBS 2.

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