Undead set to rise on Glitch

Production will start in October on a new ABC supernatural drama about the undead.

tonyayresUpcoming ABC drama Glitch will begin production in October, after securing funding from Screen Australia this week.

The Matchbox Pictures production, as first revealed by TV Tonight, embraces elements of the supernatural.

Set in the fictional country town of Yoorana, the 6 x 1 hour series sees the run-down town take on a new life from the most unlikely of places… the past.

‘Yoorana’ becomes the gothic rural backdrop to a tale of love and redemption, of second chances gained and lost, of vengeance and forgiveness. As the “Risen” discover who they are and why they have returned, those around them are also faced with a perplexing new reality, challenging all the beliefs and ideals they held dear.

Glitch is created by Tony Ayres (Cut Snake, The Slap, Nowhere BoysThe Home Song Stories), developed by Ayres and Louise Fox (Broadchurch, Dead Europe, Love My Way), and produced by Ewan Burnett ( The Mystery of a Hansom Cab, Small Time Gangster, Dead Gorgeous) and Louise Fox.

Tony Ayres, pictured, said “Glitch is a high concept show which uses genre to explore primal human emotions. In supporting us, the ABC has shown yet again their commitment to bold, ground breaking Australian television. ”

The series is being sold internationally by NBCUniversal and will air on ABC TV at a later date.

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  1. ” In supporting us, the ABC has shown yet again their commitment to bold, ground breaking Australian television. ” – Groundbreaking – not really. Bold – indeed! Taking from someone else’s idea and claiming it as their own is very bold. Now it is Australia’s turn to emulate the French’s The Returned and the US’s Resurrection. TV shows about returning from the dead years after their demise is a flavour of the year I suspect and I suppose a new genre. Australia has always been one for originality in term of original story lines – now it seems it is loosing that. Why watch Australia now when you can see it first in Europe or the US?

    1. Worth remembering shows can be in development for years before they reach the screen (Returned was also a spin-off of sorts). Thankfully Glitch is superior to the axed Resurrection.

  2. Sounds interesting. By the way I liked that they made The Mystery of a Handsom Cab too way back when. We get to see Dickens and Sherlock Holmes (i.e. Conan Doyle) but not really Australian stuff of that time. So I’m glad it was done in that instance.

  3. Really enjoyed Les Revenants, Resurrection not so much. Happy to give this a go as the production will prob be good. Hopefully they’ll go for less well-known actors.

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