Under the Dome back in July

2014-05-26_2237TEN has confirmed Season Two of Under The Dome will be back in July, but yet to confirm a date.

Given it premieres July 7th in the US, July 8th would be the hot contender for Australia.

TEN has also sent through some preliminary info on the second season, from a CBS press junket with Showrunner Neal Baer and cast members Dean Norris and Rachelle Lefevre.

It’s a bit Spoilery…. so read at your own peril.

· There will be deaths among the major cast, but that doesn’t mean they will no longer be in the show.

· Big Jim has a “come to God” moment and mellows this season

· This season there will be a focus on faith vs science explored mostly through new character Rebecca, played by Karla Crome.

· Barbie’s father comes into the show played by Brett Cullen (Person of Interest, The Dark Knight Rises).

· The Dome becomes magnetic.


  1. 5 seasons! Won’t be staying with it that long. I was hoping that’d conclude it last year. That’s the trouble with shows like this and Restitution – a good concept runied by longevity.

  2. Secret Squirrel

    This did well in the US and had good ratings on Ten but it was too clunky for me. I cannot see how they can make this last the intended 5 seasons, especially when better series have not been given a second.

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