Bumped: Under the Dome, Blue Bloods.

2014-07-24_0017TEN is about to move Under the Dome to a later timeslot.

It follows pretty ordinary ratings, this week at 466,000 viewers.

From Tuesday August 5th it will air at 9:30pm, with new Blue Bloods at 10:30pm.

At 8:30pm TEN will screen its trusty NCIS, but in repeats.

NCIS: LA which was airing at 9:30pm will now move to Monday nights from August 4th, in double episodes, to plug the hole vacated by Blue Bloods.



  1. TasTVcameraman

    Good move by TEN I enjoyed series one but this season, well to me it is just stupid.

    Blue Bloods it rates well in the USA, but has not found its way here. In saying that I enjoy the show and watch it most nights.

    The audience seems to be very fickle they are spoilt for choice it seems, but on a positive note for TEN, I enjoyed the movie “The Descendants”. and people who missed it, missed a great yarn.

  2. Its a logical move. On Tuesday it dropped significantly despite an large lead in from MasterChef, so the audience clearly isn’t there. I think viewers would have preferred a single season run and proper conclusion for a show of this genre.

    Have to agree with some of the comments about Ten sticking with lower rated shows like Elementary, 24 and Blue Bloods. Thought they would stick this one out.

  3. I’d never watch anything on 10 because of the ads and erratic scheduling, but I did watch the very first episode of season 1.
    And then I read the book.
    Haven’t read any Stephen King for years, but it was not bad. No need to watch any more…

  4. Like most others here, I watched the first season of UTD and was looking forward to see what would happen in Season 2. After the first episode, I deleted the Timer from my PVR.
    Complete and utter rubbish.

  5. Secret Squirrel

    Yeah, can’t blame Ten for this one. People just aren’t watching. The writing has been cheesy and the acting hammy. All it was missing was the pineapple.

    @chivasssimo – I’d be willing to bet that your browser has AdBlock or Adblock Plus.

  6. @Bazza: they gave it a chance. 7 and 9 do it a lot more often. Watching it in TENplay really gives away how many ads there are – the show was 37 minutes – with no ads on TENplay for some reason.

  7. It really should have stuck at a one season, event television, explain everything by the end story. I only hope Extant will be wrapped up in one season…can’t see Halle Berry doing more than one season of a TV show?

  8. I can’t stand either show, but it nicely illustrates the way Ten treats their audience… With utter contempt.

    The truly amusing part is they then honestly wonder why their ratings are so low and why Australia has the highest downloading rates in the world.

    • The moving of Blue Bloods is a little surprising given it isn’t really rating anywhere, but Under the Dome has not performed this season so the later timeslot is actually a logical move. You can’t sit on shows in timeslots where they don’t perform (and in this case lead-in and slow-tracking are not to blame). I reckon it’s the writing. At least it is still on the same night.

  9. I thought it really picked up this week too. Just a shame people who watched season 1 didn’t come back for season 2. Off memory I think it dropped between 300 – 400k

  10. Even though it’s fairly ordinary and I’m really only watching to find out, hopefully, what the dome is, it’s always on at the same time in my house, and in HD with DD5.1.

  11. Like a lot of people I record non-reality shows and watch them at a later time so a change in timeslots doesn’t really affect me. But I have to question TEN’s reasoning given it was rating better than Elementary was on a Sunday which notoriously gets better ratings than Tuesdays. My main problem with this story relates to Blue Bloods – with TEN replacing their repeat episodes on late Monday nights with new episodes over a month ago but without any warning to viewers. How are viewers expected to not only find their shows in the schedule but also decipher which are new and which are repeats?

  12. First couple of eps in series 2 were a bit ordinary, but I thought it really picked up this week. But sadly too late for the audience, it seems.

  13. We’re pretty notorious at sticking with a favourite show for the run of its natural life, but after season 2 ep 1 we gave Under the Dome away.

    By the look of the ratings, we’re not the only household to do so.

    Sorry TEN.

  14. jezza the first original one

    Moving UTD is another reason why folk steer clear of these long drawn out US series. You just know that thay are gonna get ditched. A few plot moves each week and loads of boring filler and then all the adverts………..not for me

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