Under the Drones

2014-05-27_0059This could be a novel way to get a foot into the industry on the tech side…

Ballarat is set to offer the first teaching facility for drone operation in Australia.

Drones with cameras are being incorporated into all manner of television production at a rate of knots, from Reality to News.

Ballarat-based Victorian UAS Training has been licensed to fly drones commercially,

“In Australia, it is fine to use drones as a hobby,” maintenance controller Leon Dwyer said.

“You can’t fly above 120 metres due to getting in the way of aircraft.”

The course already has 70 people from around the country on a waiting list to take part.

The business will soon starting training programs once the curriculum is approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Source: Courier


  1. Sandra Crack

    On the Last season of “The Block” a drone was used in quite a few episodes to get overhead and tracking shots, that would have been very cost prohibitive in the past.

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