US finales on Seven

Parenthood, Agents of SHIELD and Resurrection are poised for finales on Seven. Plus an update for next Monday.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 12.35.39 am.jpgA number of US shows are poised for finales on Seven.

Tuesday May 13
9:45pm Parenthood (double ep)

Wednesday May 14
9:45pm Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

Tuesday May 20
8:45pm Resurrection

Meanwhile next Monday night Revenge is now 9:15pm, Grey’s Anatomy 10:15pm. A 11:10pm it’s either Suits (Syd / Bris) or Talking Footy (Mel / Ade / Vic). Suits is 12:10am in the latter cities.

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  1. Last Mondays house rules reveal episode really dragged on. Very repetitive. For example was it necessary to hear the opinions of the designers in the house and then hear the same comments repeated to the teams when giving the scores. Since it appears that Mondays are going to be house reveal nights than this episode is way too long.

  2. Currently the EPG and guides list no Suits in Sydney, (leaving 3 eps left to see), to make way for a double Grey’s Anatomy to launch the season.

    There’s only a single episode of Revenge so that will leave 4 more episodes that they could show over 2, 3 or 4 weeks.

    There’s only two eps left of The Blacklist so it will finish up the week after on the 21st.

  3. Thanks David! So House Rules is dragged out for 105 minutes?!?
    Drama is pushed back even later?!?
    Interesting that Greys is now only a single episode. I doubt they read this and actually listen to viewers complaints of their illogical double episode programming?!?

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